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It’s that odd time of year where the weather hasn’t yet settled, sometimes it’s as cold as the Arctic and you can’t bear to be out of doors for longer than a few minutes and then on other days, the sun shines and there’s a definite ‘Spring is in the air’ feel.

They are the days I like most and I am always tempted to start packing away thick winter coats, jumpers, hats and scarves but, I know better. Having been around the block a few times now, I’m only too aware of how quickly the temperature can change.

However, it does seem a bit silly to be venturing outside in April still tucked up in a padded winter coat, complete with fur trim. Fortunately, Reima – the stylish Finnish experts on kids outdoor clothing are ahead of the game. And, understanding our dilemma, their design team came up with the perfect solution. Multifunctional jackets…

Reima kindly invited the twins to choose a jacket each and put it to the test. The choice was between the 3 in 1 Reimatec waterproof jacket Sydvest which is a classic coat, perfect for all weathers, with a detachable vest jacket (It comes in the most gorgeous yellow). The Fleet 2 in 1 down jacket – lightweight, windproof and warm or the Float design, a 2 in 1 jacket, for warmer yet unpredictable weather, with removable arms making a very nice warm gilet (perfect for evening netball training).

There was a lot of umming and erring as all three models are very stylish, come in lovely bright colours and all cope with varied weather patterns. However, the Float model was decided upon, Alice went for a coral pink and Bessie choose the light blue.

Now we had to road test them and what could be better than a trip down to Thanet over the Easter break when the weather hit a maximum 6°C? The British weather was true to form; we had freezing cold days (and nights), seas whipped up into a frenzy by bitterly cold winds and rain – lots of rain.

Never mind, the girls stayed as warm as toast in their new jackets and I must admit, it was lovely to see them so colourful on such dreary cold days. They were immediately identified and added a pop of colour to the grey landscape.

I know they are going to come in very handy this term at school when one minute it’s sunny and the next it’s raining hard. They will also enjoy them at netball training, they’ve been practising in the garden over Easter with the netball hoop we bought them.

I think they’ll also be fantastic for our trip to Spain in June as they pack away tightly in a case – they roll up really small. We’ve been to Murcia in the past and had really cold weather this time of year. IN fact, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a hell of a lot of these jackets, keep an eye on our Instagram feed.

Disclosure: We were sent the jackets for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.


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  1. Mary Brice
    June 11, 2019 / 4:35 PM

    Looks like very useful for kids in winter. I had a jacket like this for my younger kid who love it and its a water proof jacket. Its really necessary for kids in winter.

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