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Emma at A Bavarian Sojourn has been committing her 2019 plans to (digital) paper and she wondered if I’d like to share what I have in mind for this year too. The answer is, thanks Emma – you’ve given me the perfect excuse to write a ‘proper’ post!

Where do I start?

Work and Study

It’s 15 months now that I have been working as a Teaching Assistant in a local primary school and I love it. Where working for the Italian Tourist Board in London was my best job ever, this is quickly becoming a close second choice. (I never thought I’d say that as the thought of working with 30 children a day – all day – horrified me but here I am telling you otherwise).

There can be stressful days, as in any job, and sometimes you may hear me say – ‘I hate this job – it’s the worst job ever!’ but that thought disappears as quickly as it came. It’s a tough gig, you’re on your toes all day long and I’ve had to relearn long division, fractions, percentages and all number of mathematical questions. The part that keeps me going is my colleagues. I have met such a wonderful bunch of supportive woman (and a few men too).

In my initial enthusiasm, I wanted to study a degree so I could progress to a class teacher, the problem with that is it will take 6 years to complete studying part-time (and, seriously – I might want to retire by then!) However, I did start an Open degree, my first modules were Beginners Italian (easy 30 credits) and beginners Spanish as I give the weekly Spanish lesson to my class, so it made sense. I’m halfway through my first year and have 98.25% in Italian and 76.5% average in Spanish. *happy face*.

Then I got wind of the many mental health issues primary school students up and down the country are suffering from. 1 in 4 children. I’m going on a few courses to improve my knowledge and I’m thinking of redirecting my degree to gain knowledge in this area.

I have completed a level 3 Diploma in Teaching Assistant. It was an online course and I’m waiting to hear from the moderator that everything is ok. It should be as I have had a tutor throughout who has guided me and passed the units.

I’ve just taken up an Awareness in Mental Health Certificate (level 2) that should be completed by May/June time. So I have been keeping my brain busy.

Naturally, there is little time for other creative hobbies but I hope to catch up over the summer in that camp.

My social media presence has dwindled enormously. I’m not too bothered about that anymore. I post when I have something to say and, although I like to keep them ticking over, it is no longer a Must Do for me.

Consequently, I have lost touch with the wider blogging community as a result. sometimes this breaks my heart as I made so many wonderful friends and I miss them but I accept this as a result of the life choices I have made.

I’m not ready to pull the plug on this blog just yet – there’s been too much blood, sweat and tears that went into building it up but occasionally I have found myself considering calling it a day.

2019 Travel Plans

los alcazares Costa Calida

As you know, we have a mobile home in Thanet and we shall be spending a lot of our weekends down that way. I love to visit the Turner Contemporary whenever I get a chance and the twins will make full use of their Dreamland passes I am sure. I feel as if we have explored Thanet well now even if I didn’t pop back and write about every excursion!

Spain – Calpe

We are all very excited to be going off to Calpe in Spain in June. Our school has chosen to take a two week Whitsun break, this means we can use the second week to book a fairly priced holiday and we are returning to Spain this year – it’ll give me the chance to practice my Spanish!

Twin life

I am so proud of the girls; they passed their 11+ exams in September and the Mayfield Grammar School test. All that extra hard work over the summer holidays paid off. I don’t regret coaxing them to learn over the summer. They had plenty of time to have fun and play and without it – they would not have passed. Now we are waiting to hear if they are assigned places at the grammar school and they’ll be off to secondary in September. That’s a sobering thought!

Menopause and other health issues

Urggh! I know I have spent the past ten years or so wishing for my periods (I hated them) to stop but boy this menopause stage is vile. However, I’ll take the menopause rather than the periods.

Hot flushes, night sweats, weight gain, moodiness and hormone swings that cause me to go from normal me to a crumbling version of me who thinks everyone hates her and that she is good for nothing.

It’s tough and I’m hoping that by the end of the year my system will have got over the worst.

We can but live in hope, eh?

Latest bargain – £10 for this jacket!

Hair cut – I’m blaming the hormones once again for convincing me to have my hair chopped short with a fringe last summer. Although I walked out of the hairdressers happy, I ended up hating it and have been growing it back since.

Other health issues include, the enamel of my teeth starting to erode. I’m using Regenerate toothpaste and I want to invest in their serum next month (pay day issue!) Having fallen over last winter and landed on my front tooth, cracking it in half and having to have it rebuilt it is now a tiny bit wobbly making me determined to hang on to it (literally) for as long as I can.

Weight gain – already mentioned above but I’m going to try and see if I can knock off a few pounds. Let’s say 5.

That’s about it, or rather, there’s plenty more but I shan’t bore you any longer. In fact, if you’re still here listening to me warble on I commend you. Thank you.



  1. February 19, 2019 / 10:35 AM

    Awh great to see your travel plans! Brilliant that you know all the languages!

    I made the (crazy!) decision to train as a teacher and am with you on the blood, sweat and tears! I qualified a few years ago and after starting a permanent role chose life and am loving supply! My blogging is slowly grinding to a halt too but I miss it!

  2. February 19, 2019 / 5:09 PM

    Good to catch up on your life !! Alice and Bessie in their 11th year – a lovely age I remember it well – one of the best years of my life . xxxx

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