It’s a bag thing! Passionate about bags

I love bags. I have many and I can’t think of an occasion when I don’t take one with me. My everyday favourite is a shoulder bag and I have a few to choose from as I look after them and hang on to them as they don’t go ‘out of fashion’. They are an assortment of colours to suit the season and my mood. (Currently, I’m using a black Mulberry one but come the spring, I’ll change for something more colourful.)

Then there are my ‘pretty bags’, my Vogue purses. I don’t get many occasions to use them but they are my favourites. I have a beautiful bronze coloured clutch that my sister in law gave me on my 50th. I have a white leather bowling bag that I picked up in the Florida Walt Disney park years ago and I have an embroidered Italian pouch which is beautiful.

My most recent bag purchase was an ‘over-the-body’ bag by Mia Tui. It’s stone coloured and just the right size to hold my phone, purse and other essentials. I love it and it’s perfect for a hands-free day or for sightseeing and keeping your belongings close to you.

city messenger bag

I love weekend bags too and use mine frequently when we pack for a weekend in the caravan – it won’t be much longer before we re-open our seaside pad up again.

When I go food shopping I take a whole bag of bags with me and I’m very proud that I remember to use my recyclable bags to avoid buying any excess plastic bags. Even when I go ‘shopping’ shopping I take a fold away with me tucked in my handbag. In fact, I even gave some fabric fold away shopping bags as Christmas presents this year as I find them so handy.

I even use bags to tidy things up or keep things together, for example small zip bags I have used for sun creams in my beach bag, or holding phone chargers in my suitcase. Old toiletry bags that aren’t in use get recycled into ‘Hair accessories’ bags or bags for scarves. Larger unused bags become a new home for clothes that don’t fit but I don’t want to give away – maybe I’ll repurpose them one day? And those cloth holdall bags that brands give away – they are perfect for slipping into my suitcase and using for dirty clothes when I’m on holiday. I pack them up and tip them in the washing machine when I get home.

silver bag

I can even remember the first bag I owned that I was super proud of. It was a bronze holdall made out of a fake leather fabric and I bought it in Chelsea Girl, a really cool shop of the day. I used it for my school bags and was so upset the day the handles gave way and it had to be thrown out it was so well used.

How about you? Are you passionate about bags? Can you remember your first love?

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  1. January 29, 2019 / 3:36 PM

    I have a bit of a bag thing too, and definitely have my old favourite and then special going out bags! I see a habit forming with my 13 year old too! :D

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