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The reserve fridge in the garage has been switched on… I repeat… the reserve fridge in the garage is now on.

This can only mean one thing in our house, it’s Christmas and we shall be entertaining the troops – hence the switching on of the other fridge. My husband gets stupidly excited about this as he fills the shelves up with bottles of different beers, wine, champagne and of course food. He is a meat lover and I often find him slipping out to the garage with one excuse or another, simply to take a look at his festive bounty.

I guess, you could call this one of our family traditions. Having the larger house we are able to put family up and this year both of my brothers are coming to join us with their families; that’ll be a total of 10 on Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve

Twins christmas 2014
When they really did believe in Santa

They all arrive on Christmas Eve – one brother and his partner are taking care of Christmas Eve dinner – and there is a long list of cocktails and festive ‘must haves’ including a brand new Mincepietini (I think that’s what it’s called?)

The evening will be spent playing games and drinking alcohol. Our village scout group have a traditional Father Christmas parade that works its way around the streets and we’ll all pop out to wave him on as he passes by.

The girls asked earlier this month for the truth about Santa, I wrote the letter I found on Pinterest years ago and they were very happy to know the truth and be treated like ‘grown ups‘. It hasn’t ruined any fun, actually, it’s made life easier as I can now wrap whilst they are still awake but not allowed in the room.

first christmas - kids
The twin’s first Christmas 2008

Will they still let me put the plate out for Santa though? And the carrot for Rudolf…

Bedtime this year will change. I used to hurry them into bed so I could finish my wrapping but this year they’ll stay up a bit longer. I had a go at the Happy Beds Christmas Wake Up Calculator it predicts the twins will wake up at 7.15am. I’ll take that!

Christmas Morning

They will be sleeping in our room this year as the family are staying over so wake up will mean opening the stockings in our bed. Baxter will be allowed on the bed for the occasion too. Happy Beds have officially claimed that children will wake up at 6.44am, I am hoping we get to sleep a little bit longer to be honest but you know how it is, the moment the eyes open, that’s it.

There will be lots of paper to pick up, lots of oohs and aahs as they get to each gift. It’s best for me if they open the same gifts together so surprises aren’t ruined but inevitably one is faster than the other.

Then, of course, they will want to se the tree and open the BIG presents so we’ll trundle off downstairs in our pyjamas and with fresh tea to hand, the opening ceremony will begin.

Christmas day 2012
Gosh – Christmas 2012!

I get a bit OCD at this point. I will have black sacks to the ready and will spend more time catching everyone’s trash than concentrating on my own gifts!

Whilst the family take it in turn to shower, Bloody Mary’s will be served. This for me is one of my personal highlights. I LOVE Bloody Mary’s.

Lunch is a long traditional meal at my beautifully laid table and then there’s the clearing up.

Christmas table

The afternoon will be a mix of playing family games – I’m so excited as I’ve bought Boom Ball for us to play this year and it looks hilarious! Then someone will start getting out cheeses and pates ‘in case anyone is feeling peckish’. No one is but I bet we all tuck in regardless.

It will be a late night but the twins can catch up on sleep another time. I shall rejoice in having my family around me and sharing – the most wonderful time of the year with them.

Have a wonderful Christmas all,

Mari xxx


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