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my little sous chef

….and relax, it’s the Easter holidays! The best part about my still fairly new job as a TA is being able to take the holidays off with the twins. Being able to spend time with them, organise trips out  and just chilling together.

This Easter we have a few plans, the biggest being a trip to Sardegna which we haven’t visited since they were 3! We shall also be going to the top of The Shard – more of that to come – and stripping wallpaper in one of the bedrooms as Alice wants to have her own bedroom now.

We have also been able to spend some time in the kitchen together, a ‘job’ they both love and having been sent copies of My Little Sous Chef we had a look through the recipes and have earmarked a couple to try out together over these holidays.

Our first choice was the Tiramisu made with strawberries.

My Little Sous Chef Tiramisu

my little sous chef

Based on the classic recipe using Boudoir biscuits, mascarpone and eggs but instead of brandy and coffee, this recipe is more child-friendly using strawberries and milk. My Little Sous Chef comes in two books, an adult version including detailed method description and a list of ingredients for the recipes and a child’s version which has pictures to follow for the method with short bite-sized instructions.

I wanted to let the girls do as much as possible and this book allowed me to do that. I got all of the ingredients and equipment they would need and helped with the step by step shown in their book.

Whilst the children followed their steps in the book, I read the adult version to make sure we had the correct quantities of ingredients and that we hadn’t missed any important steps as they don’t all appear in the child’s version.

The result was delicious!

Be warned, however, that once the preparation is completed and it’s time to clean up the kitchen, your little ones will wander off and you will be left with the clearing up.

We are taking part in the Blog Tour and you can find the other tried and tested recipes on the blogs listed below. Have fun!

My little sous chef


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