Our dad is a superdad in his new polo shirt and trainers


dad in a polo shirt

This weekend saw us return to Thanet to our family caravan, to open it up and get her ready for 2017.

Birchington Vale, previously known as Two Chimneys, was bought by Park Holidays UK and when we saw their plans for a new clubhouse and expansion of the park, we couldn’t resist investing in a static caravan of our own. Here’s our latest pic of how they are getting on.

Birchington Vale clubhouse progress

Our caravan has been closed since November as we knew we wouldn’t have time to visit, so you can imagine our excitement this weekend returning after such a long time?

I had a list as long as my arm of things to prepare and take with us; bedding, towels, items for the kitchen that I had taken home and some fun games for us to do together.

With the car packed to the hilt we set off and arrived for lunch.

Birchington Vale zipwire

There has been lots of progress on the clubhouse and we peeked through the bushes at the brand new play area with zip wire! The girls can’t wait to have a go on that!

Sunday was an early start as we were all excited to be there! The one day we can all sleep in, there were four of us in our bed by 7am!

We decided to go for a walk on the Ramsgate side of Thanet and parked after the town towards Dumpton Gap. It was a mild morning and we took a long walk along the prom stretching along the bottom of the cliffs. Bessie has brought her bouncy ball with her and if I had a pound for every time I said, ‘Don’t bounce it you’ll lose it.’ I’d be a rich woman today.

Thanet coastline

She did of course, lose it. They were throwing it against a cliff and it landed on top of a shelter, so dad climbed up (he hates heights) and retrieved the ball for her.

I know many wouldn’t have bothered but it was the ball from her latest Baebox and she was devastated at the thought of losing it, so up dad went.

dad rescuing the ball

‘Now, hold on to it and be careful!’ I said. Do you think she listened to me? Of course she didn’t it.

They were trying to see who could throw it as high up the cliff as possible and on the last try, it pinged off the cliff at an angle where no one was waiting to catch it and bounced, bounced, bounced off the prom and into the sea.

It is March.

The water is freezing.

But dad, unable to see Bessie cry, striped down to his underpants and braved the water much to the shock of a couple of cyclists who had stopped for a breather.

The water was a bit deeper than he thought it was going to be but he managed to fish the ball out of the bobbing waves.

dad rescuing the ball from the sea

That’s our dad that is, a superdad. He’s even got the red polo shirt to prove it!


Disclosure: Dad was asked to look at the polo shirts for men on Jacamo, a fabulous website with lots of great stuff for men.


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