Leetchi – creating online money pots for all occasions

Leetchi online money pots

Leetchi is the new buzz word for collecting money from groups of people, Leetchi.com is in fact, online money pots.

There is always a collection doing the rounds at work, we have three January birthdays in our department alone, a colleague leaving for her maternity leave and another leaving to go to another company. Then I am part of various groups online and sometimes we have collections for Secret Santa, for friends in need and for birthday gifts too.

If I am honest I have never put myself forward very often to organise these money collections as it’s always a bit of a headache, using my personal PayPal to collect the funds and purchase any gifts out of it. It would be so much easier if there was a specific place to collect the money so it kept it separate from my own funds.

Leetchi.com is the answer. It allows you a fast, easy and secure way to pooling money together into one online money pot. You can then use it for anything and everything. You can support local charities or individuals in need.

leetchi online money pots


The fact that 6 million people are already using the platform speaks volumes.

How does it work?

leetchi online money pots

In just a few clicks a user can create a personalised money pot online and invite their friends, family and other groups of people to contribute. Each person can chip in to a money pot simply using their bank card. Once the needed money has been raised, Leetchi.com users can spend their money pot as they please: online on partner sites (100% free), ask for a bank transfer (2.9% fee for transfers above £2000 and 4% below) or offer the electronic money pot directly to the beneficiary.

save money pots

Public online money pots

Are you fundraising, or do you just want to see who is fundraising for whom and donate as and when you please? Leetchi.com have an excellent, safe way to raise funds online that cover all manner of topics, take the King family, their house burnt down and neighbours, family and friends created a pot to help them get back on their feet. If you take a look at the public money pots you’ll find pots for people facing unfair trials with 12 years imprisonment, people fighting cancer, Soul food kitchen for the hungry and homeless. There are pots upon pots of collections to choose from.

I think this is an excellent idea and especially useful for friends and families placed in different countries or even counties. It makes the joining in that much easier.

Find Leetchi online on Facebook and Twitter if you want to find out more @LeetchiUK

Disclosure: this post is in collaboration with leetchi.com all opinions are my own.



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