Scooter tips and tricks – Don’t be vain protect your brain

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Back in March we were sent through two Micro Scooters to review and I can honestly say we wouldn’t be without them. We take them in the car, the girls use them when they accompany us when walking Baxter and they have become a vital piece of the girl’s lives. Seriously. Thank goodness the Flytes turned into scooters too so they could scoot all the way around the airports earlier this year in Lanzarote.

Scooters are ageless too, from the moment they can walk up into teendom and beyond, plenty of grown ups have been spotted scooting around airports recently.

micro scooter

One certain lady who has been in my thoughts recently is Georgia on my mind, a beautiful teen who scooted without a helmet and fell, hitting her head. She was rushed into hospital and underwent brain surgery which, thank goodness, has been successful but this is a huge reminder to all scooters and parents out there to WEAR A HELMET.

I am a bit lazy about helmets thinking, they won’t go  fast, or I am with them but Georgia proves that the silliest of falls can be bad and even fatal. So I resolve to force the girls into their helmets now. Just watch Georgia’s mum’s video when she first explained to the world what had happened, you’ll soon be shoving helmets on your kids as they walk out the door.

Please take look at Emma (Georgia’s mum) page Don’t be vain protect your brain and help spread the word.

Halfords have a fabulous range of scooters and accessories that you can browse online or instore and helmets are all prices so there really is no excuse.

Scooter tips and tricks

Of course now the girls are able scooter-ers (is that even a word?), dad has been teaching them bunny hops, a move he remembers from his own scooting days. However we need to have more skills these days and I just love these infographics that Halfords have come up with. There are three levels of tricks to learn which should see the kids through to the end of the holidays for sure.

I know my two are going to have a lot of fun trying them out and it will give them something else to do on a lazy summer day when they declare ‘Im bored!’

Click on them and print them off for easy access to them, or save as an image on your phone.

Easy scooter tricks


Medium scooter tricks



Hard scooter tricks



Staying Safe on a scooter



Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Halfords


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  1. Emma Fairthorne
    November 3, 2016 / 7:48 AM

    Hi Mari,

    Thank you so much for spreading the word!

    Georgia’s mum here, Emma. It was certainly a scary time for us all, so pleased to be out the other side of the experience.

    Keep up the great work!

    Em xx

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