45 years of the Mr Men – which one are you?

Little Miss Sunshine Mr men

‘Dad, what does a tickle look like?’

Dad, sat at his desk and drew a round, orange figure with long, bendy arms and planted a big smile on the face, Mr Tickle was born. That was back in the 1970’s when the first six Mr Men books were published.

I was five then and I can still remember our family collection of the Mr Men books. I read them all and so did my brothers, we couldn’t get enough of these simple but fabulous books each of which carried a clear message referring to personal traits and characters that go into making us who we are.

How Mr Bump made us laugh. Who doesn’t remember the phrase – For instance?

I enjoyed these books so much that I bought them a second time around for Thomas and Megan to enjoy on my trips back to the UK. They helped enormously with teaching them English as they were so easy to read. And when the twins came along I started up the collection again and read them of an evening before they fell asleep, a smile on their lips at the light hearted story we had shared, sometimes a question would be sparked which created a great conversation based on the characters.

Now it is time to create my 4th collection for the grandkids, Evan and Sophie who are the perfect age to enjoy them.

I still find it uncanny how Roger Hargreaves has captured these common traits so well in each of his characters, how each story is just right and how the illustrations work so well. In fact there is nothing to change or criticise with this world of little people.

If you were a Mr Man or a Little Miss which one would you be? I think I’m a Little Miss Sunshine, a smiler, a happy go lucky peace maker.

mr men products

The Mr Men are celebrating 45 years this year and you will find lots of wonderful merchandise in the shops. We were sent through a lovely box and as I opened the package my 8 year old twins shied away, we are too old for that mummy! They declared.

‘Not a problem,’ I replied, ‘The Mr Men are one of my favourite characters, I’ll have it!’ I pulled out a beautiful yellow Little Miss Sunshine pillow, ‘This will look perfect on my bed!’ I said. I continued pulling out cups, smaller cuddly toys, magazines, lunch bags and all sorts of wonderful goodies, oohing and aahing over them all, delighted at becoming the owner to so many wonderful Mr Men products as the twins looked at each other quizzically.

If you, like me, are a huge fan of the Mr Men and you are in London during the last week of August then pop down to the South Bank and feast your eyes on a showcase of rare and unusual memorabilia that will take you down memory lane. Mr Men will be putting on a “mini museum” where all plinths are at child height for kids to enjoy. It will be held in the OXO tower on London’s South Bank over the August bank holiday. 

Also keep an eye out for the Virtual Archive that is being built for fans to show off their collections online, the rarest 45th items will be rewarded with a limited edition Mr Men poster

little miss hug

Inside my Mr Men Box of Delights I also found some new Little Miss books that I have missed, like Little Miss Hug (adorable), Little Miss Somersault (funny), Little Miss Brainy (clever), Little Miss Curious (intriguing) they are all wonderful and remind me just how much I love this collection.

As I walked up to bed that night and visited the twins room to tuck them in and plant a kiss on their foreheads, who did I find on the bed? Little Miss Sunshine of course! They are taking it in turns to have her and it looks like I’m going to miss out again!


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