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Netflix strem team

When the Netflix #StreamTeam got in touch and offered me a 12 month subscription in return for my thoughts over the year I was quite embarrassed … I had never watched anything on Netflix and didn’t even know how to set it up. *gulp*

Having said that I knew, via my Facebook page that there were a lot of my friends engrossed in all sorts of binge watching, Breaking Bad, Orange Is The New Black, Suits and many more. I had read the status updates and scrolled on, ‘What on earth could be so good about them?’ I wondered.

However when presented with the option, curiosity got the cat.

I wonder? I asked myself. Could Netflix be for us?

I accepted knowing I was moving into an entirely new area of entertainment, after all if I didn’t like it I could just say so and move on, right? Funnily enough Netflix allow all Newbies a month’s time free of charge to decide whether it is for you or not. So go dive in and see for yourself.

How do I watch Netflix?

I know, it’s a dumb question but if you haven’t done it before it’s a valid one. The beauty of Netflix is you can watch it on all sorts of different mediums. A laptop or computer for example, streamed live over internet. Another very common way of watching Netflix is on a tablet like an iPad. A great medium for us is our Apple TV which plugs into out television and allows us all to watch films together. Other ways of watching include Playstation and Wii which we haven’t tried yet.

What to watch on Netflix

The second big question is what should I watch, where on earth do I start with their massive library?

what to watch on netflix

For me the natural way to find the answer to that question is put it to my lovely Facebook friends, they are the ones placed up and down the country and abroad. Both male and female, all different ages and loving different genres, let’s see what they come up with…

I had a fantastic response to my call out, there are some really keen Netflix watchers out there and in order of top votes this is what came up.

7   Orange is the New Black – I’m almost finished season 1 and I agree, I am loving this

6   Sons of Anarchy

6   The Good Wife

5   House of Cards – watching with husband

4   Suits

4   Making of a Murderer

4   Gossip Girl

4   Breaking Bad – tried this for a couple of seasons, I liked it, husband didn’t.

3   Once Upon a Time

3   Pretty Little Liars

3   Grace and Frankie

Of course some people named more than one program in their comment and the other suggestions that came up with 1 vote each are




Falling Skies

Friday Night Lights


Kimmy Schmidt

Community LOLZ

The Blacklist

The West Wing

As you can see, I’m going to be busy for a while! But I had to start somewhere and I went for the number one spot, Orange is the New Black. I had seen a lot of banter about it and the new season was about to start too, what could possibly be so good about it?

Orange is the New Black

Well, it’s amazing! I think I’ve watched the first 6 now, sometimes binge watching them clicking on next, straight after one has finished. Think girls in prison, some lesbian annotations and clever writing. I am gripped and am a bit gutted I started this one on my own as I think husband would enjoy it too but I don’t want to go back to the start so hey ho, he’ll have to watch it on his own channel.

Which is another point. We have been given the platinum account which means I have been able to set all four of us up and we can each select and tailor Netflix to our own preferences which is a great move.

what to watch on netflix

Husband, for example, has been a bit anti Netflix, turning his nose up at the thought of something he had no idea what it was so I decided to find something for us both to watch and went for House of Cards. We’ve watched about 4 episodes now. I love Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright and they do a spectacular job of portraying top American politics and the ruthlessness needed to succeed in such a tight environment. Husband is coming round although I think he needs to find a different series to truly fall in love yet. I’m going to try The Good Wife on him next.

Children on Netflix

my little pony

This was my most unexpected surprise with regards to Netflix as the twins have their favourite programs on a tv channel, who could convince them to move?

Silly question. The minute they found their own channels set up, they scoffed at Peppa Pig which was being offered but went straight in for Mako Mermaids and binge watched God only knows how many episodes. They have also watched LoLi Rock, Barbie, Mia and Me, Odd Squad, Rainbow Rocks and My Little Pony. They have really made this subscription work for them.

As I write they are watching a family film, The Unbeatables, and we have watched other family films together which is such a lovely moment.

Yes, Netflix is working for us and excuse me if I go but husband is out tonight and I can get another few episodes of OITNB in ;)

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam for 1 year but all of the above are my own opinions.

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