A family package holiday in Lanzarote

family package holiday

The idea of a holiday in Lanzarote came around back in January, the perfect time to start deciding where to spend this year’s family holiday. I was contemplating how to celebrate my 50th birthday, did I want a massive party with all of my friends or family? No, I wanted something more memorable than one night, I wanted a family holiday. A place we had never visited before which offers something for every member of the family, a place that was warm and sunny and not too far to travel to.

We decided on Lanzarote for May half term and set to looking for a family package holiday to take us there.

My husband has always wanted to try an All Inclusive holiday, his appetite is well known throughout our circle of family and friends and the package we found allowed three meals a day plus snacks around the pool – if you happened to be peckish – ice creams for the children in the afternoon and drinks. It sounded great. We also found a hotel in Playa Blanca that had a water park attached to it and guests were allowed free entrance every day for as long as they liked.

We booked up and paid our deposit.

We were traveling with a major UK travel company for the first time and although they are brilliant on social media I must admit to being disappointed with the run up to our holiday and the lack of any communication other than bills and documents.

I don’t know about you but I get excited way before my holiday starts and I research where to go, what to see, any particular foods I must try and any fun things for the kids to do.

The lovely people from Marco Polo sent me one of their travel guides on Lanzarote to read and by the time the day arrived I felt well prepared for visiting my new country.

Package holiday flights

Arrival at Arrecife

We flew with Norwegian airways and the four hour flight passed quickly, no food or drinks were built into the package but you could buy from the hostess. The flight times going out were in the afternoon but our return flight didn’t land at Gatwick until 2am in the morning making the first day back to school a very tricky one. Speaking to another guest from Kent, they had decided to go from Luton and by driving around the M25 for a very early flight going made for a much better time returning.

Top tip: Consider all flights and times before booking.

Arrival at Arrecife airport was swiftly dealt with and before we knew it we were on a cranky bus towards Playa Blanca where the fun would commence.

Family package holiday

family package holiday

Our family package holiday in Lanzarote was to be at the Lanzasur Club in Playa Blanca. You will discover that due to Lanzarote law, all of the buildings are built on one floor only so the hotel was more of a sprawling complex. The main building held the reception, bar, restaurant and area for evening entertainment along with a spa, gym, shop and games room, this building stretched in a long semi circle around the central pool system which had three pools and a fabulous bar. Off of this area were walkways to the rooms which were more like mini apartments which I guess they started out life as. Ours was two rooms and a bathroom, the main bedroom with two large single beds and the second room which had a fridge and small kitchenette with two sofa beds made up for the twins. I must say had they been 5/10 years older they would have struggled to fit in the beds but maybe this is something Lanzasur Club address when the ages of children come through. I must also point out that the majority of the guests had young children from 2 – 10 years of age.

All inclusive

I should start this paragraph by saying I put on half a stone in a week even though I thought I was being ‘good’. There is so much food on offer, with something for everyone that I found it impossible to not tuck in and try it all.

Breakfast included yogurts, bread and jam, cereals, cooked breakfast, a selection of hams, salamis and cheeses plus fresh fruit and sweet pastries. Oh and freshly made omelettes and pancakes too.

Lunch had salads and an assortment of shellfish/cheeses/cold meats which changed daily for starters, a choice of three main courses with sides, a selection of five or six desserts including fresh fruit plus freshly cooked fish or steak on the grill manned at the back of the restaurant.

Dinner was a pretty similar set up to lunch although the menu was changed completely.

One day they set up a barbecue by the pool and most evenings there was a theme meal to choose as well, like Canarian or Mexican depending on the day.

Naturally there were soft drinks and fizzy drinks available on tap alongside white, rose or red wine and a beer tap.

You could also start your meal with a glass of Cava from the bar. Cheers!

Now you can see why I put so much weight on!


family package holiday

We were in awe of the entertainment team that came from all over Europe; Italy, Norway, Belgium, Canary Islands and Spain and spoke perfect English. They had lots of great activities for the children but they also organised an adult table tennis and water polo game every day too which the husband participated in every day.

The evening entertainment had fun acts to watch or acts to participate in with family games and Women vs Men competitions like make the biggest mountain out of shoes, and then running around the audience asking for their shoes.

Very, very entertaining and cause of a lot of late nights plus the free drink from the all inclusive bar.

Lanzasur staff

We were totally bowled over by the staff at Lanzasur, they couldn’t be more helpful. They worked very hard at their jobs but I never once saw a scowl or a raised brow. When one little girl dropped her plate on the floor and burst into tears frightened at having upset her parents, a waiter rushed over and knelt down saying no problem, no problem, it’s all ok. I would give the staff a 10/10.

We did go on few excursions but I’ll write about them separately.

If you are looking to go on a family package holiday then I can vouch for this hotel as we have had an unforgettable holiday.

Marianne and the twins

Disclosure: We paid for our family package holiday in full and are under no contract to write anything I simply wanted to let you know what a great holiday we had and how this time an all inclusive worked for us.

Total price includes Flights and All Inclusive Accommodation


includes costs, all discounts, applicable taxes and charges

To follow: Lanzarote Uncovered – a tour of the island


  1. June 13, 2016 / 1:29 PM

    This is just the sort of holiday we loved when Rory was little. We had a lot of fun in the Canaries, Majorca and Spain – very relaxed, loads to do and plenty of food. Dougie and I used to enter all the daft competitions (Ideal Couple winners twice!)
    So glad you liked Lanzarote. We’ve only been once, to Costa Teguise, but had a great time.
    In the process of trying to think of a holiday for the beginning of July with Rory and his girlfriend tagging along too. Can’t book anything until last minute because of Dougie’s work at the moment but very tempted to take the family somewhere like this.

  2. June 14, 2016 / 8:26 PM

    So glad you had a good time Mari, it looks brilliant! Forget about the weight you put on, I think it happens to us all when on our hols! :D x

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