Cornwall Gold – a fun family day out

Cornwall gold Tolgus tin Mill wheel

When I think of Cornwall I don’t automatically associate it with gold but on our last visit to Trevella Park we spent a fabulous morning at Cornwall Gold and found out about the national heritage Tolgus Tin Mill

Cornwall gold Tolgus tin Mill wheel

Cornwall Gold is near Redruth and within easy reach of the main Cornish towns of St Ives, Penzance, Truro and Newquay. Just off the main highway you turn into the ample free car park and walk over to the main entrance. Your journey will take you through the main shop and display area of the most exquisite jewellery, including diamonds and many other precious stones. To the left of the entrance, is the workshop where you can see jewellers creating and also repairing beautiful pieces from all over the world. They have been crafting and creating for over 25 years so as you can imagine the standard is very high.

Cornwall Gold

If you manage to drag yourself away from all the bling you then walk out to a really lovely courtyard where there is a lot going on to keep all members of the family amused.

Cornwall gold

We had a go at panning for Gold, you are given a tray and are allowed to sift and sieve for a specified amount of time. The girls were delighted with their haul, lots and lots of fools gold and tons of little semi precious stones, all tipped into a plastic sealable bag to take home with you.

Cornwall gold

You can visit the Bear Works and create your own cuddly toy, you can decorate your own pottery in the create and paint area, scoop for gems, pick a pearl or play Krazy golf. There are also shops selling typical Cornish produce and offering tastes of the products too. You can even put together your own Cornish hamper to take home with you.

Cornwall gold Tolgus tin Mill

Then, just when you think you’ve seen it all you come across the Tolgus Tin Mill. You can walk around this marvellous historical museum to see exactly how tin was mined and then turned into a material to be used for household products and even jewellery, talking of which in the Cornwall Gold store there is an entire area devoted to Tolgus tin jewellery.

The Tolgus Collection

A living legacy of Cornwall’s industrial past, Tolgus has produced tin for 400 years. Combining Tolgus Tin with silver, we have forged extraordinary jewellery that will keep this unique Cornish mill alive. — Cornwall Gold.

Another area that was beautiful was the Pearl house where pearls of all shapes and sizes have been turned into beautiful jewellery pieces.

Cornwall Gold gem scoop

Cornwall gold gem scoop

Cornwall Gold gem scoop

We stopped for a meal in the Cornish Pantry Restaurant and were very impressed with the food on offer including some favourite Cornish meals.

All in all a fantastic family day out and well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Cornwall gold




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  1. April 7, 2016 / 8:03 PM

    I love Cornwall and everything about it (including the pasties!), the tin mill sounds great, I think I would like the gem stone search! :)

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