Micro scooters: The scooters that grow with you

micro scooter Sprite

The girl’s very first Micro scooters were Mini Micro Original Microscooters, the three wheeled ones and they very quickly got the hang of them as you can see in the sweet video below that we made when they were 3 and a half years old, my goodness, where does the time go?

They used their Mini Micro scooters every single day. They would scoot to and from preschool, they would come with us on holidays and were perfect for trips to the beach when we wanted to go for a walk, as small children often have ‘My legs are aching‘ moments but a scooter takes all that away as they scoot ahead and call out to you to hurry up.

We reached a point when they grew out of their scooters, they got too tall for them and Santa brought two new scooters one year with Tinkerbell on them and only two wheels.

The Mini Micro Original Scooters

Then back in January Micro Scooters got in touch asking if we’d like to review their fabulous Micro Sprite Scooters. What perfect timing, just as the spring is about to arrive and the days get longer. Plus we had been talking about getting new scooters as they really are excellent to have, smaller than bikes to pack for weekends away and when we go camping they are perfect for roaming around the campsites and getting us from A to B.

The Micro Sprite Scooter

micro scooter

The Micro Sprite Scooter comes compact in a box and the box has a cut out on the side making it easy to carry around which I thought was an excellent idea.

It is constructed quickly and effortlessly in a few moves and is ready to go in less than five minute. In fact once they were ready of course the twins wanted to try them out.

Luckily they are used to skating now, not like the early days in the video at the top, they were off in seconds and racing around with huge smiles on their faces. We took them over the old runway close to our home and they skated up and down enjoying the sunshine on their faces.

Dad had a go at trying to recreate some of the stunts he used to do as a kid, the bunny hop was one he tried to teach the girls and by the end of our trip they were starting to get the hang of it. I can see lots of You Tube videos coming our way as they start to learn more stunts.

We took them home later that day with lovely pink flushed cheeks from being in the fresh air and exercising and the knowledge that they had both really enjoyed themselves.

I’ve seen the adult scooters and have considered investing for me and dad as the girls tend to go really fast now. As you can see in the video above they race off ahead and dad and I have to up our pace to keep up with them! It does mean however that we can get a good walk without the twins complaining their legs hurt.

I am very impressed with the Micro Sprite Scooter. It is carefully made with a lot of attention to detail, you can tell it is very good quality and that it will last the test of time hands down. There are lots of patterned decks to choose from with many colours and designs.

We like the stand which stops it sliding all over the place and the girls quickly learnt how to flick it up and down with their foot before setting off.

micro scooter westgate on sea

Micro Scooter helmets

If you visit the website Micro Scooters have plenty of accessories to choose from. They sent us through the two helmets you see here which the girls adore, they are their favourite colours and sparkle too! What more can a girl wish for? They are adjustable and should fit securely. We have forgotten to use them on occasions but on the whole I tend to ask them to put them on

Disclosure: We were sent two scooters and two helmets for the purpose of this post.

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