Bedroom wall art gallery


Bedroom wall art gallery

PS. Please note our bedroom makeover isn’t quite finished, I need to change the bedside lights and the switch plates!

I love the wall art galleries I am seeing around the internet at the moment, I have collected a few on my Pinterest boards for inspiration and as we are doing up our bedroom at the moment I wanted to come up with an idea of bedroom wall art gallery.

Wayfair recently got in touch and invited me to choose some products from their site to create a #SpringShelfie

Perfect timing! I have ordered us a wonderfully comfortable king size bed so the girls can squeeze in on weekend mornings and read with us before our days start. My choice of bed comes with a fabulous headboard which acts as a shelf and a bookcase unit too.

I have gone for a white bedroom, this time, making it a clear space that is light and airy. It’s a very good sized bedroom with built in wardrobes (that also needed painting) and it is easy to keep tidy with all the cupboards, plus the four large drawers under the bed!

Wall art gallery

I have been in love with this idea for a long time and just waiting to use it in our own home. I love how a mixture of paintings, pictures and photographs, placed well together can make an overall display. With this in mind and a couple of pieces I already wanted to use, I started to browse the Wayfair site.

Bedroom wall art gallery

Another favourite way of displaying that I love at the moment is using printed pages out of books and writing or drawing on top of them, so the Shakespeare book print was a perfect start to my wall art gallery, the quote is perfect for bedrooms as well.

I wanted a pop of vibrant colour in my display and so I searched for flowers, I love the Tulip print on canvas, it was just what I was looking for.

These two pieces, together with my own made the perfect backdrop for my headboard and shelf, now I had to find some interesting pieces to continue my display.


Previously I had three photos of the twins in frames above the bed. They are very cute but dated, I wanted a change but still wanted photos. My Wayfair search brought up this novel and colourful idea of a family tree with images hanging from the branches. I am still in the process of selecting images of the twins, my older children and the grandkids but I cannot wait to see them all on my tree frame. I chose the colourful option but there is also a white tree with white frames available.

Useful shelves

The practical me kicked in as I continued to think about what I want on my shelf, I thought about my bedtime routine and one thing I do is take out my earrings, take off my necklace and put these pieces somewhere. I found this delightful silver coloured bowl which is perfect for looking after my treasured possessions whilst I sleep.

Bedroom wall art gallery

Bedroom indulgence

A candle, a scented candle and why not? If I am honest this is something I would make more use of than the husband so it would be an indulgence to use when he’s out on a Friday night and I want to slip under the covers and read books with no disturbance. The candle in a tin means there is no harm of catching alight as it will be kept far from anything hanging. This is my girly touch.

Last but not least I popped a couple of books in my display. They are two books that I am currently reading, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert all about being creative and fighting the fear and a very interesting Peace of Mind by Georgina Rodgers which is for busy mums, like me and possibly you. A great book which talks about mindfulness and how to bring it into the midst of your chaos and use snapshots of it. I love it, plus it’s very colourful on the shelf too.

So there you have it, my Bedroom #SpringShelfie.

If you like the products I have chosen you can find them all here

Tulip canvas

Shakespeare book print framed art

Family Tree Frame

Metal dish

Rose candle not the exact same  but very similar

Disclosure: Wayfair sent me the above products for the purpose of this post.


  1. March 1, 2016 / 10:34 AM

    What gorgeous things, I love your shelf! The family tree frame is a lovely idea and I really like the framed book art picture, I’ve seen a few around and they really appeal to me. The whole area looks so fresh and cheerful.

  2. March 16, 2016 / 6:54 AM

    Thanks for putting together such a great mix of products and ideas. I like the idea of a wall art gallery particularly because it will never really date because you can always change things up within the overall look and do a refresh without major changes. Lovely ideas.

  3. July 29, 2016 / 7:15 AM

    Hi, Mari
    It’s a pretty bedroom. l love white. I get an inspiration from here.
    And I love the way you put the photograph, it’s cool.

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