Getting a good night’s sleep

It seems weird to think we have been living in this house now for 5 and 1/2 years, the time has flown by and although we’ve done quite a bit of decorating, we’ve still not done everything we set out to do.

This winter will see us tackle our bedroom and make it into a haven for getting a good night’s sleep.


We started this change just before Christmas by treating ourselves to a new King Size bed, the reason being is the girls like to jump in at the weekend and we all read our books for half an hour before getting up and starting our day. I think it’s a great way to encourage kids to read and I must admit I like those early morning snuggles, it’s a moment of closeness that gets lost in our busy days later and something I am keen to encourage for as long as I can.

So the bed is looking fabulous, it’s white, has four large drawers underneath which house the bed linen and other out-of-sight-junk and my favourite bit is the headboard, which again is white but stands back from the wall with a small shelf running across the top of about 25 cms. Perfect for my photos, and bits and pieces.

Now of course I need to complete the look. Currently all the walls are magnolia and the built in wardrobes have taken on the same hint, we’re still using the original curtains that came with the house that are lovely and thick but way too long, they cover the radiator so we have to hook them up on top in winter to allow the heat into the room.

Jen Stanbrook from Love Chic Living did a bedroom makeover for me a while back and you’ll see I have gone for the bed she proposed, now I have to get on with the rest.

Plans for my bedroom makeover

I’m going to paint the entire room white, walls, ceilings, wardrobes and skirting boards but I’d like one feature wall behind the bed and I love this birch tree wallpaper, I think it’s plain enough to hang pictures on and not take over the room.

black and white tree wallpaper

Image credit HomeDIT

I’d like white plantation blinds like those The Shutter Store gave us for the girls room, we have found them to be the perfect solution, easy to clean and a nice tidy look to the room whilst keeping out the light at the same time. I love how we can direct the light where we want and choose how much by simply moving a shutter.

I need to change the handles on the wardrobes and fit a drawer unit in one of them for my t shirts and folded items. I would like two bedside lamps, we currently have settings on the wall either side of the bed.

I’d also like a full length mirror to go by my bed, something like this one here.


full length mirror

Image credit: Exclusive mirrors

To finish off the room I want to hang one large picture or a collection of smaller pictures above the bed like this Gallery Wall by Apartment Therapy which is a great article on how to create something on the cheap. It would allow me to hang lots of my favourite pictures, including art the girls have made and photos I have taken throughout the year.

gallery wall art

Image credit: Apartment Therapy

Another idea buzzing around my head would be to convert the 4th bedroom next to ours into to a master ensuite, in which case I’d best start gathering small bathroom ideas wouldn’t you agree?

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