‘Tis the season for a Christmas feast


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Christmas dinner is probably the most important part of the day – as soon as everyone is done opening their presents, they’ll be looking forward to the food! Whether you’re cooking for a few family members or you are having a whole bunch of guests over, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to impress. Here are some tips to inspire you to make the ultimate Christmas feast!

Set a beautiful table

It’s important to make sure that the table is just as beautiful as the food you’ll be serving onto it. You can start off by choosing a colour scheme: do you want the classic red and white or maybe a stylish green and gold? Tablecloths are a great away to keep your table from getting messy while also offering a great design – you might want to add a table runner to spruce it up even more. Try to make sure that your plates and glasses are all matching if you can, unless it’s part of your overall theme! A pretty centrepiece, such as a candle arrangement, can add a lot to the table – John Lewis have a great range of tableware available. And, most importantly, don’t forget the crackers!

Delicious food

After you’ve got your table set up, you’re going to need to fill it with a delicious Christmas dinner. The possibilities are endless: will you have turkey, beef or lamb? And what sort of vegetables do you want to accompany the meat? Whether you are cooking for a few or many, there are lots of great cooking tips floating around on how to make your food taste better than ever. Once you’ve decided what you’re putting on the menu, you can have a look around to find them. Try pushing stuffing between the turkey’s skin and breast so it takes the same time to cook as the legs. And when you’re cooking roast potatoes, squash each potato with a masher to increase the surface area for added crispiness!


Now you’re going to need some tasty festive drinks to go with your food. A good wine will always go down well. Perhaps something a bit special for the occasion! These 12 wines are sure to see you through the season in good spirits. And in the realm of pre and post-dinner coffees – if you have a pod coffee machine, this cute disc holder is a great way to display all the options your guests can choose for a hot drink.


One of the most important parts of your Christmas feast is making sure that your guests are entertained. Christmas is all about coming together and spending time with family and friends, so after all the food is eaten, make sure you have some great entertainment planned. Bust out a classic board game, great for all ages are around the table! And it wouldn’t be Christmas without a cracker joke, so make sure you pick up some for the table.


You might be stuffed after your amazing meal, but there’s no doubt you’ll find room for desert! If you’ve planned ahead with your own homemade Christmas cake you won’t have to worry, but if not there’s still plenty of options. Yule logs and Christmas puddings are a classic choice, but if you’re feeling adventures there’s many more recipes to try. This chocolate orange & cranberry red velvet bombe is a mouth-watering alternative to a normal Christmas pudding that will leave your guests very impressed.

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  1. December 31, 2015 / 3:23 PM

    We cooked our turkey on a the barbecue this year. Completely unseasonable but it worked! Hope you had a good one Mari. Best wishes to you all for a great 2016 x

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