Sheesham sideboard – beautiful Indian wood

sheesham sideboard

Earlier on in the year we treated ourselves to a new dining room table and chairs, the one we had been using for years was very beautiful but very tired. I had been lucky enough to inherit it as a family heirloom which had been passed down through the line from my great grandmother to me. Like I said, beautiful but very tired.

One thing I did like about it was it was big and come Christmas or family occasions I could easily sit 10/12 at my table comfortably. On looking for a new table I wanted something that was as adaptable.

Once it arrived and we had adjusted our living/dining room it became apparent that we could really do with a sideboard.

My tiny kitchen is heaving at the seams with crockery, gadgets and all sorts of cooking paraphernalia and it can be really frustrating putting everything back in the cupboard once it’s been washed and dried, it fells like I need a degree in engineering to squeeze it all back in.

A sideboard would be the perfect solution, I could home my beautiful but not so frequently used items in there and make some space in the kitchen cupboards. I could also use the excuse to go through all my wares and throw out what is no longer needed or used.

sheesham sideboard

I hunted high and low and came across Sheesham furniture which I had never heard of before but fell in love with instantly. Sheesham is an evergreen rosewood tree also known as Indian Rosewood and is known internationally as a premier timber species. The heartwood is extremely durable and not only that has a wonderful tonality to it ranging from golden to dark brown.

I ordered my sheesham sideboard and was amazed at the delivery. The guy went to the trouble of bringing it in, unpacking it, taking away all the rubbish and asking me if I wanted the handles changed as the original wooden ones had been replaced with metal ones. I did ask him to change them over for me and I was really impressed with his fantastic customer service. Thank you.

I love how the wood is really thick. It is a strong piece of furniture that will easily brave a busy household and live to tell the tale. It is extremely well made and sturdy. The finish is beautiful and it is very easy to look after.

I am still not tired of looking at my beautiful sideboard and have posted  a few images on Instagram of how wonderful it is. I also spoke about it on our weekly #MumsLikeUs with Nadine from JuggleMum. It is made up of two cupboards at either side and three central drawers. I have alcohol and glasses in one cupboard and china and serving dishes in the other. The drawers now home serviettes, table mats and table cloths.

So have I made any room in the tiny kitchen? Maybe a little bit but still not enough. I now have my eye on a total kitchen revamp, that should do the trick!

Disclosure: Trade Furniture gave me this sideboard to review for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.

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