Skin Doctors – Instant Facelift & Hair No More

You may remember a while back how I was waxing lyrical about the Skin Doctors product, Instant Eyelift? I loved it then and continue to use it to this day especially on a day when I feel tired and that exhaustion is reflected in my skin, this product picks me up immediately and makes me feel better.

At the beginning of the summer Skin Doctors sent through a couple of their fabulous products for me to try out. Their Instant Facelift which is the equivalent of a 5 minute lift and tuck but surgery free and their Hair No More which contains two products, a hair removal cream and a hair growth inhibitor cream.

Now both products appeal to me as I approach a different stage in my life and a little wear and tear is starting to show here and there but I am convinced if I do my very best and take care of myself I too can enjoy my age and body for a long while yet. The secret is finding the right products to take me through.

So let’s take a look at how I got on with the Skin Doctors products.

Instant Facelift

SkinDoctors Instant Facelift

Ok, like I said above it’s to use in a moment you want to look your best; a bit younger, tighter and smoother. You apply the product and then watch your skin visibly lift. This is caused by three active ingredients in the product, it works in minutes and the results can last for up to hours.

So I applied the product to my clean face in the morning, shaking the bottle first to ensure a good mix of the ingredients and squirting a few drops of the serum onto my palm. With my fingertips I spread the serum over my face and worked it into the skin in light upwards movements.

You are advised to not make any facial expression or smile for a few minutes to let the product work on the skin.

Verdict: The serum is easy to use and apply and you can feel the tightening taking place, not in an uncomfortable way, you just know it’s happening. Although this isn’t a product I use every day when it’s a special occasion I indulge, like when I want to look my very best. A definite keeper in my cupboard.

Hair No More

Skin doctors Hair no more

I have two problems, I hate being hairy and I have very little time. Oh actually I have three problems, I can’t afford the lazer treatment that would eliminate the hair problem for once and for all.

Nobody likes hairy legs so if I could remove the hair and at the same time stop it growing back so quickly that would be a huge time saver right?

This product is a two step system, the hair removal cream is used first. It works by dissolving the proteins that naturally grow your hairs, a painless, albeit smelly method, of giving your legs a smooth, soft appearance.

The second step is the hair growth inhibitor spray. This works by entering the pores of your skin, saturating the hair bulb and preventing it from returning to growth. It is easy to use and pain free.

Verdict: I’m liking the results, being a dark haired person used to grabbing the razor frequently this has been a nice change for me and although you have to put the hair removal cream on and wait a bit. In the long run you’ll be picking up the razor for a quick shave less frequently. I shall continue to use it and hope to see hair free patches soon as I have noted others mention

The range is widely available on-line, Feelunique, LookFantastic, Tesco Direct,, and and also on the high street in local beauty stores such as Tesco.

Disclosure: I was sent the above products for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own


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