I’m dreaming of a white … kitchen

Nearly had you didn’t I? You thought I was going to go on about Christmas again but I am not. I am here to talk to you about kitchens and my long awaited dream of an open plan kitchen.

We moved into this house in 2011 June and my one and only stipulation with the husband was I would be allowed to change the kitchen around as I wasn’t happy with the current set out. He agreed and we moved in.

When we had the cash ready I was faced with a decision – wedding or new kitchen? I went for the wedding and we had a beautiful day I shall treasure for the rest of my life, however the kitchen was once again on the back burner.

The next time we had some cash available husband said it was his turn to pick and he chose a new caravan and a change of car. I was happy to go along with it as we love the time spent in our caravan and it’s so much nicer than our first one. I’ve just realised I have yet to blog about our new one!

I have been very clear that the next investment our family makes will be my dream kitchen, the one I have longed for since moving in.

I have been collecting ideas on and off on my Pinterest board

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and as you can see the theme is white, bright and airy with a hint of pale blue and maybe just a touch of red or pink.

Here’s how I visualise my dream white kitchen

Colour scheme

White cupboards, tiled walls and work surfaces. Our house is quite a dark house and once the days shorten the light in here is really quite shady. White is great at bouncing the light around a room and also it works with anything.

For the tiled splashback running along the work surfaces, I love the oblong white tiles like those that can be found in old tube stations. I also love exposed brick but don’t think my bricks will be pretty enough to expose.

Currently I have a dark work surface and it’s rubbish for taking food photography photos, it’s really apparent that a lot of my decisions are coming from the problems I face when trying to take good photos for my blog.

The fun bit comes with injecting colour into the place and I want to go for lots of bright and beautiful colours. I love yellows and oranges, pinks and pale blues. I will see what I fancy once I am at that point and have a lot of fun.


Wood, aluminium, and ceramic tiles. I think a kitchen is a hive of activity and needs to be easy to clean above anything else, then beautiful to look at and then next up is practical. A white matt cupboard door will be fine for me rather than the gloss option we currently have. I’d like to break up the monotony with aluminium and light coloured wood.


Easy to clean is my number one factor when looking at floors and because of that tiles are the safest choice. I like the idea of a black floor but as it will run into the adjoining living room and off into the dining room I feel that might be too dark. I’m going to hold my tongue on this one until I’ve had time to research properly however I did see floors made out of pennies on Pinterest! Not that I’ll be doing that, can you imagine the time it would take?


The whole idea of moving the kitchen from its current position is because I’d like sliding patio doors out into the garden. the other window along the worktop I want to dress with a blind and I’d love to find one with chickens on or a fun talking point that also adds colour.


Massively important to me as I have a habit of collecting kitchen ‘stuff’. I have four types of plates now, serving dishes and plates, jugs, teapots and all manner of kitchen ‘stuff’ So i will be looking in to storing it all away nicely. I also want to make a utility section, maybe separated by a wall where the dishwasher and washing machine can be homed along with other cleaning equipment.


Having ordered an oven a while back to fit the space left by the previous owners I now know I don’t want one that big any longer. It’s a menace to clean and uses too much electricity. I’d like to order a unit that fits into a cupboard, high up at waist level for easy use. I’ll definitely be fitting my Panasonic Combination Oven in which is a favourite.

I’d love a huge American style fridge and a much bigger freezer.

Dishwasher, washing machine and I would love a tumble dryer if there was space for it.

My Panasonic breadmaker, and my SAGE slowcooker, a Kenwood mixer, a SAGE ice cream maker. My Cuisinart food processor and a SAGE Boss would all be on my wishlist.

Sigh, so that is my dream kitchen folks, maybe another three years and it’ll be mine in the meantime I keep on dreaming and checking out the TSB loan calculator to see if I can hurry things along a bit.

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration  with TSB


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