Make your own mini festival at home

festival fun in a tent

Once upon a time husband and I used to attend festivals, the last one we attended was in Chelmsford Essex at the V Festival and it was fantastic. I got to see so many of my favourite bands and solo artists and just being part of V Festival, the camping, the food, the atmosphere is something I have never forgotten.

Nowadays, the only music I get to listen to is kiddy music and I am enormously grateful we have moved on from the ELC nursery rhymes and at least are now enjoying Now that’s what I call music CD’s.

Last year we had a small taste of Camp Bestival which was superb, I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone thinking of going as the perfect festival to take children to.

This year we didn’t manage to attend so we decided to make our own mini festival in the back garden with a little help from Tesco who sent over some festival essentials to make it more real.

teepee festival

What do you need to make your own mini festival?

A tent

One of the best parts of attending a festival is the sleeping arrangements, from pop up tents to last year’s accommodation in our caravan at Camp Bestival, anything goes. Tesco sent us this fabulous Teepee which was perfect, even Baxter moved in much to the delight of the girls.


Wellington boots of course! There is an awful lot of walking at festivals from one tent to the next to see your favourite musicians, Britain doesn’t have  the best weather records promising wall to wall sunshine and it has been known on many occasion to get very muddy so wellies are the best footwear. The girls loved their flowery wellies as they had a heel on them. There is nothing like a heel to make them feel more grown up!

Festival accessories

Hats, sunglasses, flowers for your hair. Anything goes and the beauty of being at a festival is playing with what’s available to you. Usually there is a lot of carting back and forth with gear from the car to the tent so the less to carry the better. A great look can be made even better with a couple of well thought out accessories.


Layers, layers, layers. That is how festival dressing works best, you can strip off layers as it gets hot and put them back on as it gets cold.


It’s a great idea to pack some snacks in your bag, raisins, nuts that are good energy and won’t give you a sugar slump later. As for festival food, well look at my Camp Bestival food post EVERYTHING on offer from the perfect burger to South American favourites. Take cash and prepare to try lots of interesting street food from around the world.

Chinese Lantern Fairy Lights

Are they necessary? Absolutely not but aren’t they just the prettiest lights you ever did see? Plus they charge using the sunlight. The girls loved them so much they took them down to the caravan last weekend and were delighted to see them lit up when we returned late from the beach in the evening.

caravan fairy lights

Disclosure: I am working with Tesco and they have sent the above mentioned products for the purpose of this post. See more Tesco festival essentials.


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