Managing the family finances and saving for a big project

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It’s hard isn’t it staying in credit? The harder I try to save some money the more the family seems to require more spending.

I notice that as the twins grow their needs change and become more expensive too. Now we have after school activities such as swimming, dancing and Brownies  too starting in September, apart from swimming, all require a uniform and of course term fees.

I know it’s not for all parents but we have decided to continue with after school activities, the girls love them and they are constantly learning new skills which they enjoy. We have so much fun on a family swimming trip these days and I really enjoy watching them come down the huge slides, land in deep water knowing that they can swim to me on the other side of the safety floats.

I’ll need to make a decision soon about school dinners or packed lunches. I think packed lunches add an extra cost to the weekly shopping and require more thinking and planning too, I’m swaying towards school dinners to be honest.

The move to junior school has it’s costs starting with the school tie and cardigan with logo on it. Add to that new bags, pencil cases and new P.E kits too the list gets longer.

The car, home maintenance, even our pet Baxter has added to our family budget, we wouldn’t be without him but I do wish he’d stop pulling all his toys to pieces.

Holidays – basically the reason why we work so hard, we like to spend our free time together and dad and I like to find new places to travel to in our caravan or take advantage of the interesting opportunities that arise from blogging like visiting the Costa Calida with James Villa Holidays for example.

I recently wrote a post about how to improve your credit rating as I believe it is good to be aware of all the opportunities out there. I am hankering after a huge change in our family home, we moved in five years ago and the kitchen and downstairs bathroom are very outdated and in need of improvement. I know this project of mine will cost about £15,000 as there is building work involved and a posh new kitchen of course.

I now need to save up for it and that is where my family budgeting comes into play.

What starts to go? Or where can I start to save a little here and there to start adding to my kitchen fund?

A change in supermarket starts by saving around £20.00 a week, that’s £80 – 100 a month. Shopping around for the various insurance policies that a family need to take out over the course of a year can add another £100 to the pot and I am hoping our solar panels will start to pay their way soon saving another £90 a month in direct debit as in the second or third year we should break even with our savings in electricity.

My friend Becky has a fabulous Family Budgeting website with lots of great ideas and Netmums also have some great information to refer to for more ideas

How about you? What are your top tips for saving money and saving up for your next big project?

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