Dee’s Pies: Chris Evans says they are amazing, I do too.

Dee's Pies

Dee is my brother, he’s younger than me and I used to boss him about, lots. Then he got taller than me and stronger and so I curbed the bossing and left him alone. Like most kids ours was a love/hate relationship but it survived childhood and teendom and now I count him as one of my very best friends.

My brother Dee makes wicked pies, he calls them Dee’s Pies, my favourite is the Steak and Stilton which is to die for. He makes them by hand one by one in his kitchen in Kingston upon Thames and now his multi award winning pies can be bought on pub menus or at farmer’s markets in and around London.

Dee's Pies and Chris Evans

You’ll probably be hearing more about Dee’s Pies in the coming months as he was serving them at Chris Evans’ pub last night, The Mulberry in Haselmere on the A283 and Chris has been all over them on Twitter today like … hot pies.

It started with Jo, one of Dee’s Pies team, picking up on the event and offering their services to feed the hungry crowd

Off they went with the van packed of pies and look …

It was so, so good that this happened …

Chris liked them so much he invited Dee’s Pies down again tomorrow night. So if you are in the area, get yourself down to The Mulberry, I just wished I lived closer as great music teamed with The Best Pies EVER is a winning combo.

Find out more about Dee’s Pies


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  1. July 23, 2015 / 8:00 AM

    lets hope this is the start of a beautiful pie friendship

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