Happy campers – kid’s sleepovers and fun nights

mum and children sleeping B&W

I love that photo above, just look how much the twins have grown since then! I think that was our first camping trip with them :)

One of my favourite memories is putting a tent up in the back garden for sleepovers during the summer holidays. My next door neighbour at the time, Julie and I would write long lists of how to prepare for this special treat. We would spend best part of the day taking ‘stuff’ from our bedrooms down to the tent, stuff that was deemed essential for a good night’s camping and for the Best Sleepover Ever. Of course, we didn’t need most of it but it kept us amused and occupied for the best part of the day.

Obviously the most essential items were our sleeping bags and they would go into the tent first along with a pillow.

Cuddly toys were high on the list as were games to play. Torches were essential and down came books, puzzles and all manner of items Just In Case we may need them.

sleeping bag

The twins have already had their first sleepover at a friend’s house which they LOVED and I can see the future will hold many more. For the occasion I invested in new sleeping bags for them pretty much like this one Furry Friends sleeping bag from Travel Outdoors which also has a sack to stuff the sleeping bag back in for easy transportation.

sleeping bag

I packed them both a separate bag with nightie, clean underwear and a wash bag with toothbrush, flannel and toothpaste. The bag came back with somebody else’s knickers and neither of them had brushed their teeth as they hadn’t seen the washbags! This made me smile as I remembered the excitement of my sleepovers and anyway, who cares about teeth when you’re having midnight snacks and lots of fun with your best friends?

Essential Sleepover kit

1 x sleeping bag
1 x comfy pillow
1 x cuddly toy
1 x torch
1 x washbag with toothbrush, toothpaste and flannel
1 x hairbrush
clean underwear
clean clothes
Lots of secret snacks for the important midnight feast

Happy summer holidays everyone!

If you are going on a camping holiday then don’t forget to download my free checklist to help with remembering everything you need.


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