Zelfs – which one is your Zelf?

When the twilight moon is in the sky, the Zelfs appear in a secret garden called Zardenia where they share their special powers.

zelf toys

There are 19 to collect and we’ve been sent two for this review, aren’t they cute? The girls were delighted to open the boxes and find the Zelf’s. It’s the perfect kind of small toy for 7 year olds who like collecting small things and like brushing hair and making hairstyles.

The beauty is that each one is different and has it’s own character and story.

I’ve seen the girls play make up stories with them and play for hours as the Zelfs go about their tale.

I have a feeling that this is the kind of collection that can make it through all of childhood, you know the one you look fondly back on and can’t bear to throw out or give away as it’s just too cute? I bet you’ve got something stashed in the loft from back in the day too right?

And so it looks like we shall be starting a collection of Zelfs, do you think you will be?

Take a look at the character profiles below and see if you don’t smile.

Koolah – Koala Zelf

Zelf bio: This Zelf’s a real bed head! Leaf it up to her and she’ll choose to snooze every time. Goodbye stress, it’s time to rest! She’s the Zelf from Down Under who loves a sleep over.

Fabitat: Gum Leaf Garden sling

Zelf power: Nap time. A little rest can be a big releaf!

Birthday: Hug an Australian Day – April 26th

Sneak-A-Boo – Monster Zelf

Zelf bio: This Lil’ Zelf used to scare herself! But now She’s daring to do some real scaring! She makes her friends shake like a quake. And when she teams up with Elfa, watch out! It’s Double Trouble!

Fabitat: The Scary Hairy Boo-tique

Zelf Power: Daring. Go on, get scary! Dare’z ya!

Birthday: Fright Day the 13th

Disclosure: We were sent the two Zelfs you see for the purpose of this review


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  1. July 12, 2015 / 6:45 AM

    If i was younger I think I’d be collecting them, they’d could sit with my troll collection

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