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Is it even possible to find flexible work that is local and fits around inset days, school run hours, sports days and all the other occasions that mums want to be part of?

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There’s nothing worse than standing in front of your boss and asking to leave early as your children are playing in the Leaver’s Concert at 2.15pm and it’s a once in a lifetime thing that you really don’t want to miss. Or worse, you are required to dress up in 1960’s gear for the school celebration picnic who are celebrating their 50 years this summer. Both of the above dates are true dates in the twins school calendar and lucky for me I work from home so I will be able to attend both, not sure about the fancy dress yet though!

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I am totally aware of mums in our class that won’t be able to attend as they have to work. Some take the time off and don’t get paid for it, others don’t even bother asking as their boss will not be understanding and couldn’t care less about your treasure’s Christmas nativity.

What mums want

There comes a time when mums are free from 9 till 3 pm with the children at school, they’d like to go back to work but don’t want to put the children into expensive childcare.

There maybe occasions the school phones as a child is poorly and needs taking home.

They want to attend the Christmas nativity AND Sports Day AND Open Classroom AND they’d love to accompany the class on the school day trip.

Mumbu availablity

What mums want is to be able to work the hours that suit them. They have excellent skills from successful careers before promotion to CEO of the household. Skills that haven’t been forgotten but lie dormant, unused because companies want full time commitment and mums can’t commit.

Family comes first.

Hang on a minute.

There are small companies out there who can’t afford to take staff on full time BUT would gladly pay someone to work flexibly for them.

A situation that suits everyone. We just need connecting….


Let me tell you about Mumbu. Mumbu is changing how people and businesses find each other. No recruiters are involved. Mumbu is easy to use and it’s private. Mumbu connects local people with local businesses.

  • Mumbu is an online site that you sign up to and you have complete control of the organisations you want to connect to.
  • Mumbu will introduce you to local businesses so you can build a valued connection with them.
  • Mumbu is completely private so you connect to local businesses without anyone else knowing.
  • Mumbu allows you to specify when and where you would like to work for both flexible and full time positions.
  • Mumbu connects you directly with no recruitment consultant involved giving you complete control.

What do I do?

Mumbu - who I am

You sign up and complete a profile. Now I liked this bit as it’s not the traditional boring CV style but colourful and allows you to add a bit of you into the mix. My pinwheel at the top of the post, that shows where my priorities lie and my personality. The bit above is more about me as a person, my likes and dreams. I like that!

You can specify the hours that are good for you and you can do the traditional CV bit but in an updated fashion like this

Mumbu My Skills

Plus you can go in and out of your profile and change and update as you please, I for example still can’t think what I want to be. And I asked Mumbu to add education possibilites for college diplomas and extra learning throughout life.

How do I find work?

You select Connections and start searching with your postcode or naming different towns that you’d be happy to work in. The search will bring up all the companies in the area that are looking for the same skills as yours and if you like the look you can connect with them.

They accept your connection and ONLY THEN can they read your profile.

Am I protected?

Yes because no one can see your profile until YOU request a connection and then only that company who accepts can read your profile.

When is Mumbu launching?

The exciting news is that Mumbu will be launching this superb idea at the end of the summer so in the meantime head over and set up your profile, then when they launch you’ll be ready to search the best offers in town. YOU have nothing to lose, it’s free and coming very soon to a town near you.

Thank goodness at long last someone has thought about helping mums out in a way that suits us!


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  1. July 8, 2015 / 6:50 PM

    Cool, now we have more alternative to search for online job! =)

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