#MumsLikeUs : Knitting, body cream and bracelets


This week on #MumsLikeUs Nadine and I covered some of the products we found in our BritMums Live goody bags. I find it really interesting how we both went for different products to talk about and I imagine every other blogger who took one home had individual preferences too.

For past hangouts please see my YouTube playlist where i am collecting them all together

Week one we spoke about skincare, underwear and BBQ sauces which are highly popular at this time of year

Week two we spoke about LEGO Friends sets, cook books, hard boiled eggs and ice cream makers – also very popular at this time of year.


Joules Berry Good body cream

This smells delicious and moisturises very quickly seeping into the skin nicely and not leaving a greasy feel to the body. Not an overpowering smell just a nice berry fragrance that will make you smile and feel good all day.

Knitting – Rowan Big Wool

cowl scarf garter stitch knitting

Lady Sew and Sew were present at BritMums Live with their wool and fabric products on display and for having a go at. I picked up some number 15 needles and a ball of their Rowan Big Wool. I cast on 22 stitches and started a garter stitch to make a cowl. I’m on my second ball of wool and it’s a really simple knit, it’s coming along nicely and I hope to have the cowl finished before my summer holidays – not that I’ll need it then but I can then get on with all my other plans

Nadine’s products

Bold 2 in 1 Lavender and camomile Pearls – I got these too and love them, they are very easy to use and have a wonderful smell.

Merci Maman – A lovely company making beautiful jewellery for mums and women of all ages. Here Nadine focuses on the lovely BritMums Live bracelet all the delegates received.


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