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It’s BritMums Live very, very soon and I can’t wait to meet up with some of the greatest bloggers in the UK, share hugs, tips and drinks. I’ve had my hair done, got my nails booked in for next week, room sorted at the Hotel Montcalm and lots of meet-ups with old and new friends.

What is new for me this year is I shall be speaking in a session about working with brands, something I do know a lot about as I have been working with various brands since the early days of this blog. Hands up if you remember the fantastic toys sent through by John Crane? Those toys are still going strong so well worth the money. Butlins? Boy how we miss our Butlins trips, they were a lot of fun. Panasonic? Amongst my favourite kitchen gadgets are their breadmaker and the combi microwave which is so useful.

More recent work with brands includes James Villa Holidays and our recent trip to La Manga Club Resort, a superb holiday that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Anyway, I shall be on stage with the BritMums co founders Jen and Susanna, Claire Candler the MD at H&K and Nadine Hill from Juggle Mum who has also worked on many of the above mentioned projects with me. This fact got us brainstorming and we have created a six part series of videos on YouTube called #BrandBloggers passing on our tips and creative ideas to any other bloggers who want to travel down this route.

Then we brainstormed some more and came up with the idea of holding a weekly hangout via Google+ where we share our favourite products we have been sent to review or products we have bought and really liked, it’s an online coffee morning kind of chat, a conversation between two mums about what is working for us in our lives right now.

For our first #MumsLikeUs we chose two items each and you can see how it went here, where we are discussing QVS make up brushes, SKIN DOCTORS Instant Eyelift Serum, Freya lingerie (which is beautiful!) and Jack Daniels Honey Barbecue Glaze which is delicious.

SKIN DOCTORS Instant Eyelift Serum

Now everyone knows I’m a sucker for a good skin cream and I found this serum in my Blog On MOSI goody bag. At the beginning of the year I mentioned that I am on countdown to the big five-oh next April and my skin is one of the most important areas I focus on. I have been using the serum now for a couple of weeks and I am VERY impressed with it. You can see an immediate difference in the skin around the eyes. I highly recommend this product should you be on the lookout.

Jack Daniels Honey Barbecue glaze

Ok, I tried this once on a spatchcock chicken which was my first time of a DIY spatchcock bird. It really is simple to do and it has opened up an entirely new way of barbecueing for us, we’ll definitely be doing this again. However I didn’t use enough glaze, where I tipped the thick liquid out and spread all over the chicken, I needed to use half the bottle.

I’m going to have another go this weekend with some pork chops I have ready for the grill, I’m going to marinade for longer and I’ll get back to you on this one. The taste however is superb. A winner in my book


  1. June 13, 2015 / 5:29 AM

    Great working with you on this Mari and I like your post introducing our project to your readers! I think #MumsLikeUs will be a lot of fun to work on – see you at BritMums Live… Not long to go now!

  2. June 14, 2015 / 8:37 PM

    I think I remember meeting you briefly at Britmums in 2012, hope you enjoy this year, I’m hoping to be back for next years

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