Marco Polo travel guides: Venice, Rome, London

Marco Polo travel Guide books

Once I have chosen my next destination, be it a three week summer holiday or a short weekend break, the next thing I do is a little research. I want to know if there’s anything on that I might like to see, I want to know what places to visit, where to eat, what to drink and above all I want to make sure I make the most of my free time.

It stands to reason that after investing in accommodation, travel and saving money to spend I come home filled with wonderful memories, great photographs and the yearning to return one day.

Marco Polo have launched two brand new series in their travel guides, the Marco Polo Handbooks and Spiral Guides and they’ve sent me along copies of Venice, Rome and London, three of my favourite cities in the world to have a look at.

The Marco Polo Travel Handbooks are for those travellers who want in-depth coverage of a destination whereas the Marco Polo Spiral Guides are ultra practical itinerary based guides for those who haven’t got the time to prepare for a trip but don’t want to miss a thing, just like me.

Perfect Days in Venice

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First thing to mention is I LOVE the fact it is spiral bound. This prevents cracking the spine and the possible loss of pages over lots of use, the cover also has large flaps on both sides which work as marvellous bookmarks. At the back of the guide is a plastic pocket, also spiral bound, which holds a perfect sized pocket map.

The guide is divided into five areas, it starts with The Magazine. This is a brilliant idea as it is a collection of articles written to inform and inspire you, perfect bedtime reading or for the train/plane. Each article gives some background information. Venice includes a piece on the Carnevale which is an awesome display of costumes and folklore once a year around February time.

marco polo travel guide books

Second up is Finding Your Feet with information on the airports and of course water taxis which are the most amazing experience, there’s nothing quite like arriving at your hotel on a water taxi trust me. There is a selection of various priced accommodation options, Food and Drink (absolute MUST in Venice is to try baccalà {salted fish} and polenta), Shopping and Entertainment.

Then the guide is dedicated to the various quartiere of Venice each one with a differnent coloured tab for easy referral. Each area to visit has three sections, Top 10, Don’t Miss and At Your Leisure.

Let’s take a look at the world famous square of Venice, San Marco which is in the quartiere of San Marco & San Giorgio Maggiore. I can find where to buy a panino, when the cities Saint’s day is (25th April) and I discover that I can go to the roof terrace of Hotel Gabrielli for spectacular views over the lagoon.

Marco Polo travel guide books

I love the suggested ‘Perfect Day’ with times and indications of what to do and see. It’s a perfect guide to follow taking in the major monuments and places of interest of each area then giving a couple of other ideas too.

I’m really pleased to see Harry’s Bar mentioned which was one of Ernest Hemingway’s favourite bars and home of the Bellini, a delicious mix of peach juice and prosecco.

There are also great suggestions of where to eat and drink, where to shop and where to go out.

marco polo travel guides

Verdict: I find this guide book really inspiring and very useful. It makes me want to go back to Venice for a start and once my girls are old enough I shall take them. Marco Polo haven’t left anything out and I feel I could visit a place I’ve never been to and come home with the knowledge I have covered as much as I could without wasting precious time.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All words, images and opinions my own.

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  1. March 11, 2015 / 11:01 PM

    Lovely review of a great sounding book Mari!

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