Tips for Frugal Family Travel

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Holidays are great opportunities for families to spend quality time together and create great memories. Some of the best experiences you can give your family involve exploring new places and making new friends. For a kid, there’s nothing more educational than testing their preconceptions and learning about different cultures.

We’re all facing tough economic conditions at the moment, so budgets may be tighter this year, and it’s important to look into options that will allow our hard earned cash to stretch as far as possible. Here’s a few tips and tricks for making your holiday cash stretch that bit further.

Harness the power of the Internet

Budget conscious holiday makers are increasingly looking to the world wide web in an effort to make their money stretch further. The internet is a treasure trove of forums and blogs discussing cheap travel options as well as website offering the best deals on travel and accommodation. Frugal travel is a well-covered topic on the internet and many people are keen to share advice – here’s a great list of travel websites that offer access to a large community of fellow travellers.

Look for alternative accommodation

The rise of the “shared economy” and websites like Air BnB has allowed many home owners to open their doors to guests. The option to rent private properties for your family can reduce the cost of your holiday accommodation to a fraction of booking a hotel.

Another advantage is that this also lets you live like a local. Your host can be a great source of knowledge about the best their city has to offer. You can also buy your food at supermarkets and prepare it at home, cutting down on restaurant meals and saving cash for special treats.

Go all-inclusive

In recent years holiday companies have started to offer many more all-inclusive packages. This is a great help for those who want to be able to budget their holidays precisely. An inexpensive all-inclusive can represent great value for families as everything is included in the initial cost of the booking. This means travel, accommodation, food, drink and entertainment will be provided as part of deal allowing you to simply relax upon arrival. Many resorts also provide kid-focussed activities and daycare giving parents the chance for a break when they need one.

The “Staycation”

Perhaps the ultimate cost-saving holiday option is to stay at home and enjoy the amenities and entertainment that are available in your local area. Travel and accommodation form a considerable part of the cost of most holidays, so by staying at home, you can save cash that can then be used to entertain the family. Britain has much to offer, especially for those with families. A quick internet search will reveal numerous local options that you haven’t seen or done and would like to do. We explored the Gruffalo Trail at Thorndon County Park in Brentwood which the little ones loved.

Exotic locations and sun drenched beaches may be your ultimate holiday dream but if they are out of reach for now don’t despair. After all, holidays are as much about spending quality time with your family as they are about travelling to distant locations. The most important components of any holiday are relaxation and enjoying time with your family. Having a realistic financial plan for your holiday is a big step towards achieving those goals.

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  1. March 11, 2015 / 3:26 PM

    I love staycations. You get to sleep in your own bed, there’s no packing, and you can still have lots of fun family outings. My husband does not like them. He has no concept of saving money! :)

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