North Wales: Llandudno and Conwy #familyholiday

llandudno seafront walk

A weekend is not a long time for a break but it is sufficient. It’s time to discover new places, recharge your batteries and have fun with the family somewhere you wouldn’t normally be.

We took ourselves off recently on a family holiday to north Wales, we had booked to stay in Llandudno, a place we had visited years ago when the girls were 1 and it was the right time to return and rekindle our love for Wales.

llandudno 2009


After a quick check-in at the hotel we walked to the long and beautiful Victorian promenade of Llandudno. It was freezing cold Saturday afternoon but the sun was out, and the place was full of walkers and dogs and seagulls.

llandudno seafront

The hotels along the seafront add a glamorous touch to the long sweeping front. Sadly the pier was shut; mind you by the time we reached the pier I was quite glad as it was a really long walk and the girls had to walk all the way back so it wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

llandudno seafront

It was our first time away with Baxter, he’d been with us just one week and luckily we had found a family friendly hotel that also took pets. He was in his element running on the stone beach after the seagulls on his extended lead.

llandudno seafront

Once we reached the pier dad fancied some fish and chips so we made our way towards the town centre and soon stumbled across a chippy, much to the girls disappointment ice creams were not to be found.

We passed Gerrard’s Bakery and picked up some Eccles cakes to try back at the hotel with a cup of tea. I also got some Bara Brith to take home with me.

llandudno seaview

Sadly that evening I wasn’t able to book for us to eat at the Cottage Loaf which looked like a really interesting pub with lots of local Welsh beer on tap. However we ate a very good meal in our hotel; I had the lamb shanks which were delicious and a very good Full English the next morning too before checking out.


Conwy Castle Wales

Conwy is only a few minutes drive from Llandudno, and the sun was high in the sky as we drove across the bridge that passes beneath Conwy Castle. It is one of Britain’s best preserved medieval fortified towns and over 200 buildings in the town date back to the 14th – 19th centuries, a stunning vista.

Conwy Castle wales

King Edward started building Conwy Castle in 1283 and the power of the building can still be felt today. We spent an entire morning walking around the rooms, climbing to the top of the turrets for the stunning views and looking for the clues of the Conwy Castle Trail for kids.

Conwy Castle Wales

It’s a castle that prompts questions and imagination, what do you think the cooks prepared for the king to eat? How did the princesses pass the time? What were their favourite games?

Conwy Castle Wales

The girls loved our visit and although Baxter wasn’t allowed in with us we did take him for a walk around Conwy.

Conwy harbour view from the castle


We walked down to the estuary and found piles of lobster pots waiting to be used.

Conwy waterfront wales


We were amazed to stand outside the smallest house and imagine how anyone could have lived in there?

Conwy smallest house wales

We ate more fish and chips from a shop along the seafront and slowly made out way back to the car via the high street.

Conwy harbour wales

Our journey home was full of questions and remarks about our time in Wales, the girls know they have been before when they were one but they both said they don’t want to wait that long before they return again. I don’t want to wait that long either.

Conwy waterfront wales


We stayed at Links Hotel on the outskirts of Llandudno which had a family room and accepted small dogs. The room was clean and comfortable, the included breakfast was a full English and delicious and the meal we ate on Saturday night was perfect too.

Find out lots more information of where to go and what to do at Visit Wales


  1. February 24, 2015 / 11:48 PM

    What a gorgeous break, love your vivid photographs too! Perfect holiday x

    • February 25, 2015 / 11:14 AM

      Thank you, it was lovely to get away for a moment all together and enjoy ourselves. I think moments like these are priceless.

  2. February 25, 2015 / 11:16 AM

    Love love love Wales!

    We stayed overnight in Llandudno last October half term, it’s a great place.

    Stayed in the Coed Y Brenin forest this half term and have just booked for Easter at Betws Y Coed! Can’t stay away!

    • March 3, 2015 / 5:26 PM

      Coed Y Brenin looked fantastic Liz, you sold it to me. I’d love to take my family there.

  3. Lauren
    February 25, 2015 / 12:57 PM

    Wow, Conwy looks amazing! One of the few places in Wales I’ve never visited, and I’m going to have to go there now. Great photos :)

  4. February 25, 2015 / 2:13 PM

    Lovely pictures. We went to Conwy on our last holiday pre child. I’d like to go back though and take my son as he would love it: castles and seaside, what’s not to like.

    • March 3, 2015 / 5:27 PM

      I really loved returning after a few years had passed, each holiday is different as the children grow up you can discover different aspects of a town. We’ll definitely return one day.

  5. February 25, 2015 / 2:21 PM

    What beautiful photos of what looks and sounds like a fab break away. Wales is definitely on our list of places to visit in the not too distant future.

    • March 3, 2015 / 5:28 PM

      I’m really loving taking new photos after my course with Emma Davies, it’s given me a whole new enthusiasm so thanks for the mention. Hope you get to Wales soon.

  6. February 25, 2015 / 2:44 PM

    we have Wales on our to visit list! .. neither of us have ever been in out lives and are so excited that this year we might get to go! .. that smallest house .. wow.. can someone lie down in there never mind live!

    • March 3, 2015 / 5:30 PM

      I know it’s so tiny, we peeked through the window and I don’t think an adult could stand up in there. I hope you get there this year Jaime, you won’t be disappointed that’s for sure.

  7. February 25, 2015 / 3:11 PM

    It looks like an ideal short break. I had a holiday in Conway as a child but have never been back since although we had a lovely day trip to Llandudno and Rhyll a few years ago.

    • March 3, 2015 / 5:31 PM

      Add it to your list, it’s fascinating, we had an amazing time.

  8. February 25, 2015 / 4:41 PM

    Oh I LOVE Conwy and my brother in law got married there. Such a pretty town. Funnily enough we have just got back from Beaumaris which is just a bit further along. Fab castle and so pretty.

    • March 3, 2015 / 5:32 PM

      I want to explore the coast further along too and a wedding, that must have been really special.

  9. February 25, 2015 / 6:01 PM

    What a lovely post the photo’s look amazing, I love going to Wales as I grew up there and it is such a great place for a holiday :)

  10. February 25, 2015 / 7:01 PM

    I long to go and explore more of Wales, there is so much to see and do. Roo especially would love to visit Conwy Castle

    • March 3, 2015 / 5:33 PM

      The girls adored the castle, we were exhausted following them up and down the staircases all day long.

  11. February 25, 2015 / 7:15 PM

    I spent 3 years living between the two towns in Bangor at University and it’s one of my favourite places – where else can you be on the beach in the morning and the top of the highest peak in England and Wales in the afternoon (after you take the train!).

    • March 3, 2015 / 5:34 PM

      What an amazing place it must have been to study and the people are the salt of the earth. Can’t wait to go back.

  12. February 25, 2015 / 7:26 PM

    wow it looks so beautiful. your pictures are fantastic. Looks like you all had an amazing time x

  13. February 25, 2015 / 8:14 PM

    Ooooh eccles cakes and bara brith, your words and photos have me homesick for the UK – I have fond memories of stays in Wales and why, oh why did I never visit Conwy Castle??! One thing you miss when you move to a country as young as Canada (about 150 years old) is Britain’s redoubtable history. Thanks for such an engaging account of your trip.

    • March 3, 2015 / 5:37 PM

      Thanks Aisha. You know once we contemplated moving to Australia for many reasons, the weather being one of them but I thought about how much i would miss showing our twins the beautiful heritage we have here in the UK.
      Mind you I would love to visit Canada one day, husband did before he met me and siad it was one of his best ever holidays

  14. February 25, 2015 / 8:15 PM

    LOVE that picture of the kids outside the smallest house by the way!

  15. February 25, 2015 / 8:55 PM

    we love visiting places even for a quick break. This looks fab and would suit us.

  16. February 25, 2015 / 9:33 PM

    Wow – looks like you had a busy trip. We’re considering a trip to north wales this summer so great to see what you got up to!

  17. February 25, 2015 / 9:40 PM

    Wow, every picture is stunning and has some amazing views.
    It really looks like a place to be.

  18. Zena's Suitcase
    February 25, 2015 / 10:55 PM

    Your photos are lovely. We’ve been to both these places, and they are lovely. We went to some not so great places in North Wales too, but you live and learn :)

  19. February 26, 2015 / 12:45 AM

    Lovely photo’s. I used to spend a fair amount of time in Llandudno in my early 20’s as my boyfriend at the time got a job there. They have one of the nicest piers

    • March 3, 2015 / 5:38 PM

      Luckily we got to walk on it and have a beer at the end last time we were there so I can agree with you, one of the nicest piers.

  20. February 26, 2015 / 7:56 AM

    What lovely photos Mari!

  21. February 26, 2015 / 11:34 AM

    You certainly managed to cram a lot into your weekend.
    Looks great fun

  22. February 26, 2015 / 11:52 AM

    Wales is somewhere I really want to explore on holidays, there are so many hidden beauties x

  23. February 26, 2015 / 2:12 PM

    Looks like a great break away – I really need to visit more of Wales, I don’t know why we don’t as it’s a beautiful part of the world. Love your photos as always.

    • March 3, 2015 / 5:39 PM

      Thank you and yes, do go and take a look, it’s beautiful.

  24. February 26, 2015 / 4:18 PM

    It sounds as though you had a great time. Wales is somewhere I feel I should visit because it is a beautiful part of the country and in reality a train ride away!

  25. February 26, 2015 / 8:30 PM

    Wow, it looks amazing, I’d love to visit there. Mich x

  26. Michelle
    February 26, 2015 / 9:43 PM

    What a lovely looking place, I’ve only been to Wales once and I’d love to go back! xxx

  27. February 27, 2015 / 12:01 PM

    Looks like a fab break Mari! My children would adore the smallest house. x

  28. February 28, 2015 / 1:49 PM

    Wow – what a gorgeous part of Wales – have never been up that far. Weren’t you lucky with the weather?!! Love that red house – so glad you enjoyed yourself so much in such a short space of time. it must have really blown the cobwebs away and felt like a lot longer X

    • March 3, 2015 / 5:40 PM

      Never enough time Anya as there’s always something else to see, do and try foodwise. We’ll have to go back at some point!

  29. March 1, 2015 / 1:10 PM

    This looks like a stunning place to visit – have added it to my dream destinations board

  30. March 4, 2015 / 5:07 PM

    what a great place to visit and I am loving the photos

  31. May 28, 2015 / 11:33 AM

    This looks lovely. I’ve never been to Wales before x

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