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table laid for lunch - lindeman's

The hectic Christmas season saw a lot of cooking in my kitchen, not just for the Big Day but on the run up and of course normal day to day family meals, oh and then there was the clearing up of the leftovers a job my husband takes very seriously indeed.

mulled wine recipe

I was very lucky to have my ambassadorship with Lindeman’s extended through the winter season and I kicked off with my mulled wine recipe learnt by heart when I lived in the Dolomites. It is so easy to make and great to surprise friends with on a winter’s evening.

We did a lot of hosting over the holidays and there were a couple of times when celebrating with large numbers there would be wine bottles with small amounts of wine left in them. One of my mum’s favourite tips she passed on to me years ago was

Don’t throw excess wine away but make ice cubes with the remainder and use it in stocks and stews as you need them. – mum.

This one tip has been used over and over again and the past six weeks has seen me add Lindeman’s wine to a beef pot roast, a pea and ham risotto and chicken, bacon and stilton roulades.

cooking with lindeman's

The chicken bacon and stilton roulades were very simple to make and take 20 minutes approx on the stove to finish, just the right amount of time to get your vegetables ready. This recipe asked for wine and as I had some Shiraz leftover I decided to try it out, usually chicken is best served and cooked with white wine. It tasted delicious but it did colour the meat a deep pink as you can see below. It made a powerful, tasty sauce and I’m interested to try again with a white wine to discover the difference.

chicken bacon and stilton roulades

Risotto can use either red or white wine. I use white wine when I want a crisp white risotto and I use red when cooking risotto with sausages, meat or game. Here’s the pea and ham risotto I made for one lunch using a glass of Lindeman’s Chardonnay Bin 63.

pea and ham risotto

I must say my Lineman’s wine came in handy over the festive period, even for a forgotten present or two. I hope my recipients enjoy it as much as I do and I’ll leave you with one of my favourite snaps from Christmas 2014, a styled shot for Instagram which I’m really pleased with, put together one evening as I enjoyed their delicious Rose. Any attentive eye will spot the twins Christmas Christingle oranges with broken candles in them – I missed that :)

lindeman's rose christmas shot


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