The Ship Inn Cobham Kent – review

the ship inn cobham kent

Husband always has a day or two to use up at this time of year, he keeps them aside just in case and actually they are a real indulgence.

He chose to take one day off after a Christmas ‘doo’ where he arrived home after midnight (I know! tut tut) BUT in his favour he had booked us a table to eat at The Ship Inn in Cobham which is literally a stone’s throw away from us.

Oh, hang on a minute, he wants us to walk there so we can both enjoy a drink so that stone’s throw is actually an hour’s walk.

jeskyn's park statues

A beautiful walk nonetheless, across Jeskyn’s Park where you can find interesting sculptures, cows grazing and a sense of countryside even if you have the Euro tunnel train track running alongside and the A2.

cobham village store kent

Cobham is one of Kent’s quaintest villages and I want to move there, seriously. The village has three pubs, heaps of history and a picturebox quaintness to it. I will get round to telling you about them all but today it’s the turn of The Ship Inn.

The Ship Inn Cobham Kent

Husband booked a table for 1pm knowing we would be walking there. When we arrived the table wasn’t ready; you know how it is, someone came in at 12 and said they’d be gone by 1pm. They were gone but the table needed setting.

the ship inn cobham kent

This doesn’t bother me. I waited on tables for years in Folgaria. I know what it’s like, so I ordered a G+T and himself a pint and begun to enjoy our ‘date’.

‘Would you like Gordon’s or Hendrick’s?’ the lady asked.

‘Hendricks please.’ came my reply.

‘Would you prefer lemon or cucumber?’ threw me a bit and I learnt that Hendrick’s is normally served with cucumber; well there you go! I learnt something new and it was delicious as well.

The menu is a typical pub menu, very reasonably priced with a huge selection to choose from. Husband went predictably for the mixed grill and I chose the Surf and Turf Rib steak.

pub food - ship inn cobham kent

Both were delicious, the service was impeccable and we had a really nice Christmas lunch together, spending some quality time together without the children which is so important.

Verdict: Fabulous. We had a very enjoyable meal and will most definitely return. Excellent food and reasonably priced in a beautiful setting. Our table (7) was in front of this cosy fireplace.

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Address: 14 The Street, Cobham Gravesend, Kent, DA12 3BN

Call: 01474 814326
cosy fireplace ship inn cobham kent

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