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beauty and the beast margate theatre royal

Last weekend saw us travel down to Thanet to attend the Beauty and the Beast performance by Polka Dot Pantomimes at the Theatre Royal Margate.

With Ricky Groves of Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing fame as Muddles and Robert Rawles, a West End Star as Dame Dotty Doughnut I was sure it would be an interesting show.

beauty and the beast


Interesting? It was so much more. It was brilliant.

Bessie on car journey to Margate – Mummy what language do they speak in Margate?

The story is the classic Beauty and the Beast panto, a good fairy, a nasty witch, Beauty, her father, the prince, and of course the couple that kept us laughing all the way through, Dame Dotty Doughnut and Muddles who looked after the palace and the prince.

theatre royal margate stage

This show offers something for everyone, I caught dad laughing at many of the gags and they were hilarious. I love to watch the girls faces as they follow the story as I can see their expressions, they couldn’t take their eyes off the stage.

watching a pantomime

I was incredibly impressed with the music used throughout the show, so many of my favourite tunes that can be heard regularly at this time of year so even though way before the twins time they still recognised some of them. It gave the show a real party atmosphere.

The usual pantomime interaction with the audience is there, ‘He’s behind you!’ “Oh yes you did!’ and a LOT of hissing and booing at Grimalkin the evil witch. One of my favourite parts of pantomime to be honest as the girls were getting really into the show on stage and joining in.

A word must be said for the costumes too as they are gorgeous. You can clearly see a lot of detail and work has gone into making them and Dame Doughnut has a very enviable wardrobe *ahem*

Which was your favourite costume Alice? The pink one. (Always pink!)

One last mention to the dancers on stage who did a very good job, I can only imagine they are from a local school as some were quite young, well done girls, beautiful representation.

Verdict: 10/10 funny, entertaining, wonderful pantomime but if you are in the Stalls make sure you’re not in seat I-15 (restricted view) as your view will be like this, I had a crick in the neck by the interval.

theatre royal margate restricted view


Disclosure: We were invited to the show by Polka dot Pantomimes for the purpose of this review.

Beauty and the Beast showing at the Theatre Royal Margate from 13th – 28th December 2014 Box office 01843 292795 or online


  1. Dawn Edmeads
    December 17, 2014 / 12:06 PM

    I am so looking forward to seeing this show, and yes your right all the young girls are local and have worked so very hard. I have been chaperoning as my daughter is taking part and been listening to it behind the scenes and seen all the hard work that has gone into this brilliant show.

  2. December 20, 2014 / 8:55 AM

    I had forgotten you were going to see the panto. Polka Dot started in Spalding, where I live, and I am so delighted they are going from strength to strength, putting on excellent, professional shows.
    Shame about the restricted view – I can never understand why theatres sell those seats at all.

    • December 28, 2014 / 6:16 PM

      That’s lovely to hear where they started Trish, it was an amazing performance and yes I totally agree restricted view seats should be left unsold – so disappointing.

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