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littlest pet shop

It’s been a while now that one of the twins latest crazes is pets, dogs to be precise, they would, ‘…really, really, please mummy, please daddy, like a real pup,’ and we are taking that into serious consideration but whilst we are thinking Hasbro’s Littlest Pet Shop will do just perfectly.

littlest pet shop

The range includes the individual animals and also a host of shops and rooms to go with them to enhance the play even further.

We were sent three rooms and two boxes of pets to play with and I have to say I’m very impressed.


There is quite a bit, the animals and pieces of the rooms come in a cardboard box and then held in plastic to stop the bits moving around.


There are instructions which are simple to follow and the construction of each room takes about 20 minutes to complete. There is a base which the two ends slot into with a click. The back of the room, which is card, slides into the back and the sides are constructed with coloured plastic see through panels that slide into place. The panels have lots of pin holes in them which are used later for decorating. Another piece clicks into place on the top and has a door in it which opens up. All three rooms of varying sizes were constructed in the same way.


Then there are lots of stickers and tiny little pieces called Deco Bits including love hearts, flowers and cute things to decorate your room with. There are no instructions for this as it is intended for players to do as they please and personalise their shops and rooms.

Littlest Pet Shop Blythes Bedroom Style Set

littlest pet shop

The first one we opened was Blythes bedroom set. It was the biggest of the three boxes and includes a figurine of Blythe and her pet Penny Ling. It has a balcony on the front and comes with a bed, table, chair and other room accessories. Blythes bedroom is one of the largest rooms. It is priced anywhere between £20 – 30 right now

Littlest Pet Shop Spa Style Set

This is where the pets can be washed dried and pampered, there is a sink with a shower attachment, a bath, a stool and plenty of hair accessories to play with. Zoe Trent pet comes with this set. Costs around £14 – 15

littlest pet shop

Littlest pet shop Playroom Style pet

This is where the pets come to play, the set includes a slide a tunnel and an exercise ball. Hamilton Rumble and Chomper McConnell are the pets included with this set. Costs around £14 – 15

Play value

The beauty of these rooms is that they can all be placed alongside each other or stacked in any formation and played as a larger ‘hotel’ which is how the twins played.

They liked that the Deco Bits could be used as earrings on the pets too.

I felt the toy was a little fragile and had to come to the rescue a couple of times to reclip walls into place after they had got a bit heavy handed. I also found all the Deco bits to be a bit of a nightmare as they are tiny and there is no place to keep them all. I kept finding them all over the floor.

littlest pet shop

The twins however were thrilled and played all evening with their new toy. I have now found a place for it on the sideboard in their bedroom where it is at perfect playing height for them and I am able to group all the bits in one place ready for play next time.

Disclosure: This review has been written in collaboration with TOTS100 and Hasbro and I have been compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.

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