Science Museum Shop, What if puzzles and Degustabox

Science Museum shop

Science museum shop

Bluewater, our local shopping centre is totally amazing at this time of year and one thing I always look forward to is the pop up shops as there is always something exciting to go and see. This year is no exception, we were asked to go along and visit the Science Museum shop and report back to you our findings.

We were very impressed, it’s situated on the lower level on the stretch that runs from House of Fraser to Marks and Spencer. The shop is well lit and open which invites you in to browse. Once you’re in it’s like being in a wonderland as all the products have a scientific slant to them. The first one the girls picked up was The Underwater World by Clementoni.

I smiled at the Potato Clock and I know a few people who’d love to find some spy glasses or a spy pen in their Christmas stocking this year. If you know someone looking for a Lava Lamp you’ll find one here but also gifts for adults too, like the Mojito Molecular Mixology kit.

Loved this shop and you’ll find lots of stocking fillers too.

What If? Puzzles no 9

what if puzzle

Ravensburger have a fabulous humorous range of What If? puzzles out. We’ve been sent No. 9 to review  …. What if Santa and Rudolph swapped jobs?

The picture on the box shows Rudolph’s usual situation and him thinking Santa has it cushy, eating mince pies and drinking sherry. Whereas the puzzle inside the box shows what could happen if he changed jobs.

The beauty of this puzzle is you have to go one step further and imagine what if? With no picture to help you you must piece the puzzle together alone. If you do get stuck you can contact What if? HQ and they’ll send a small print of the puzzle.

I love this idea but I haven’t started my puzzle yet, I’m saving it for when the girls break up and we can spend time on it.



The latest Degustabox to arrive in Mari’s World was packed with excellent goodies as always but what caught my eye immediately was the beautiful golden cider that comes from the foothills of Trentino – my second home!

Montano and it was delicious. A lot of really interesting products this month. We loved the Holy Cow Rogan Josh curry sauce and are looking forward to trying the Fajita taste pots too. We’ve talked about the Kettle Chips previously, the apple juices were both polished off by the twins and I’m looking forward to using the chutney. No need to talk about the chocolate, that was superb.

If you do remember my first post you will record my box arrived in a cardboard box different to the one pictured here. Degustabox called me and told me there had obviously been a problem with the courier as they send all their boxes out as you see above.

 Disclosure: I have been sent the above products for the purpose of this review

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