The Snow Queen Magic of the Ice Mirror

snow queen magic of the mirror

We went to a ‘private’ screening of The Snow Queen – Magic of the ice mirror on Friday evening. It was held in Soho Screening Rooms where I was amazed to hear a man tell the twins they were sitting in exactly the same spot that Madonna had. It went right over their heads to be honest but not mine. My jaw may have dropped a bit.

He went on to tell me that Princess Diana had also watched a few films in the room where we were to be viewing The Snow Queen too. The twins latched on to the word princess and when they entered they decided where the princess would have sat and where the queen sits when she comes. (The queen doesn’t come as apparently she has her own cinema)

The Snow Queen – Magic of the Ice Mirror was very good, the girls loved it as did all the children that were present. It carries some excellent messages and shows what happens if you don’t listen to these particular messages, the most important one being about lies.

Orm the troll has a terrible habit of exaggerating and lieing and he gets himself into a lot of trouble doing so. Gerda and her friends come once again to the rescue but Orm has to learn his lesson that the truth is always so much better even if at times it does hurt.

The bit I loved most was expressed by the Ice Mirror, every time Orm looks in the mirror he sees a reflection of himself but it’s the bad guy, like the bad voice you hear which tempts you to take the easy way out, be sly or tell a lie to get what you want. He gets lulled into it and I won’t tell you what happens but he has to learn a hard lesson.

snow queen magic of the mirror

Excellent animation with beautiful, captivating pictures that keep you gripped all the way through.

Alice said: Mummy I jumped a few times but it was really good.

Bessie said: My favourite was Luna (Orm’s white animal) she made me laugh when she kept biting his bottom to try and stop him lying.

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