LeapTV by LeapFrog – 1st video games console for kids

LeapTV Tess Daly

As one of the LeapFrog panel bloggers we get to play and review the brand new products as they are launched and the most exciting product launched recently with the help of Tess Daly is the LeapTV.

Take a look a this short video for a great idea on what the LeapTV is.

What is the LeapTV?

The LeapTV is a game console that is plugged into your TV and allows children to play in three different ways. The LeapTV video game system puts learning into motion

  1. Body Motion: The motion-sensing camera captures a child’s moves and instantly puts them into the game as they explore activities like dance and martial arts.
  2. Pointer Play: Pointer play takes pretend play to new levels of engagement. The controller turns into a pointer with a simple twist and lets kids snap jungle vines, slice through coconuts, and more.
  3. Classic Control: Classic control puts fun at a child’s fingertips. They can press the A and B buttons for fast-paced gaming, or tilt and shake the controller to navigate through an enchanted garden or race in a classic kart-racing game.

What games can be played on LeapTV?

There are over 100 game cartridges, game downloads and videos with favourite characters and brands. Including Spiderman, Toy Story, Monster Inc, sofia the First and Jake of the Never Land Pirates plus the LeapFrog library of characters too.

Why a separate console?

Most houses already have games console but they are targeted for an older audience, LeapFrog decided to create one for children aged 3 – 8. Care has been taken to make the controls easier to use especially for smaller hands and to make the games simple and intuitive user interfaces

Why a new system?

This system is set to revolutionise gaming for children by combining activity and movement with educational skills such as reading, maths, problem solving and science. The games can be set to offer the right level of challenge for age or level and will automatically adjust as they progress. Many games also have audio instructions for those who can’t read yet.

LeapTV has already been included in Hamleys’ 2014 top toy for Christmas list, making it likely to be top of the Christmas wish list for many families.

What’s in the box?

Opening the box you’ll find a console, a motion sensing camera that sits on top of the tv with the aid of an included camera mount. A transforming controller with wrist strap, an HDMI cable, 16 GB memory and built in Wi-Fi allowing to download directly.

Our review to follow shortly.

LeapTV what's in the box

How much does it cost?

The LeapTV system RRP £119.99

Game cartridges RRP £24.99

Downloadable games and apps starting at RRP £3.50 and up will be available via the LeapFrog App Centre in December. For more information, visit www.leapfrog.com/en-gb/products/leaptv


Disclosure: As part of the LeapFrog panel of bloggers we have been sent a LeapTV to review with one game which we’ll be getting back to you with very soon.

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