Guinness World Records 60th Anniversary


Guinness World Record 60

Over half term the girls and I went to London to take part in the Guinness World Records 60th Anniversary.  I can remember Guinness World Records right back to my childhood.

Do you wanna be a record breaker yeah? *Mari bursts into song*

Record Breakers

Roy Castle was a regular in our front room as we watched in awe all of the most amazing records being broken the world over week in week out. My brothers and I on many occasion tried to drum up a good idea of a record breaker and many a good evening was spent brainstorming. We received copies of the annual book and thumbed through until the ends were dog eared and we could reel off various records by heart.

What would it be like attending their 60th party?

A. Maze. Ing.

First we got to meet Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief since 2004, the stories he has to tell could have kept us amused all day but instead they brought in some real live record breakers as seen in the top photo.

Paul Hunn Guinness World breaker loudest burp


Paul Hunn, above, is holder of the Loudest Burp in the World which he kindly demonstrated for us much to the delight of all of the children sitting and taking in every one of his registered 109.9 decibels.

Rubiks robot made out of lego

The guy in the centre is one of the two men, David Gilday and Mike Dobson, who built a robot out of LEGO Technics to solve the Rubiks cube in under 5 seconds. The robot in action above. Bessie in action below.

Bessie with rubiks cube


And Joe to the left is the world record holder of the most bunny hops on a bike amongst others, take a look at my video to see him in action as he hops over our host for the day.

We were split into three groups and off we went on various tasks like choosing our favourite cover for the 2015 Guinness World Records book and deciding which photo out of 6 was the most eye catching. I liked this one.

GWR me and picture

Then we got to have a go at breaking our own world records. There was the moving of jelly from one bowl to another in 60 seconds which Alice and Bessie tried.

GWR jelly record

There was the team effort of sitting on balloons and popping all ten of them in the least amount of time.

And there was the wrapping a present in the shortest amount of time.

We all had amazing fun having a go but sadly no records broken that day.

The day ended as all good anniversaries do with Bubbles and cake. But one last surprise in the street below as we headed off home was the world’s smallest caravan.

World's smallest caravanand the World’s fastest shopping trolley.

GWR world's fastest shopping trolley

60th Anniversary edition of the Guinness World Records Book

GWR 2015 book graphic

First published in 1955 this year is the 60th edition and is packed with new content and a few surprises that will keep many entertained over the next year.

Apart from new records added to the book there is an augmented reality. Download the book’s free app, hover your mobile device over a page and watch the records come to life in front of you. We watched in awe the most venomous spider in the world leap from a page and a dog walk on its front paws too. Amazing! Download the #seeit3D app

RRP £20 and worth every epic penny.

60 years of Record breaking

Interesting Guinness World Records facts

The  Most expensive bottle of wine 1955: £4.93 today £75,000

Unbreakable records since the very first edition include

  1. Tallest man (Wadlow) 8ft 11.1 inches tall)
  2. Best selling single “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby (my nana will be happy to hear this)
  3. Highest grossing movie (adjusted for inflation) Gone with the Wind USA 1939
  4. Richest person (Rockefeller) inflation adjusted – today’s equivalent of £114.39 BILLION.
  5. Largest office building – The Pentagon
  6. Largest diamond – The Cullinan weighed in at 3,106.75 carats in 1905

Records that exist today that didn’t in 1955

  1. Social media – Most tweets per second is 143,199. Most liked person on Facebook is Shakira (25.04.2014) with 90,938,442 likes
  2. Digital music
  3. Ocean rowing
  4. Moon walking/Space travel
  5. Collections – htere are now more than 400 different records on the database.
  6. Body modification – most tattoos, most body piercings and most body modifications on both male and female.

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