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Photography props crate

Will you take a look at that gorgeous box? I was Over The Moon when it arrived. It’s got my name on it and not only that, I now have somewhere to put ‘stuff’ in.

I am a grand collector of ‘stuff’ much to husband’s distress. I seem to accumulate stuff upon stuff and each stuff has it’s own use or worse still ‘Might come in handy one day.’ Anyway. I’ve been paying attention to my photography over the past couple of months. I joined in Emma’s Blog Photography course (which was excellent by the way) and as I learnt I gathered I needed props to make a photo look good. Hence the collection of my newest lot of stuff – photography props.

Husband gets a bit stabby when I leave too many props about the place and I can hear him huffing and puffing around the place, muttering under his breath and shoving my stuff here and there threatening to ‘sling it all in the bin’.

He also doesn’t get it.

When I came back grinning from ear to ear from a local DIY store with lots of strips of wallpaper he visibly panicked, ‘I didn’t know we were decorating?’ the blood draining from his face at the prospect of wallpapering. When I calmed him down by saying, nothing dear these are backdrops for my food photography…well he looked at me as if I had completely lost the plot. But how do you explain backdrops when you’re only just learning yourself to someone who is not interested in photography?

Sid Lid

I want to show you another of my little gems I have received recently, meet Sid Lid.

Sid Lid is a cute guy who keeps my pan open just a tad whilst it’s bubbling away, this means I can boil and bubble without all the water coming out of the pan (lid on and it gets too hot) or no bubble whatsoever (cannot reach boiling point and is a very unenthusiastic simmer).

Sid Lid isn’t personalised but I forgive him for that, I can’t compete with such a great name.

If you’re looking for gorgeous gift ideas especially personalised ones take a look at Getting Personal for lots of fun and gorgeous ideas.

Disclosure: Getting Personal sent me through the above gifts for the purpose of this post. I chose them and I love them.

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  1. November 8, 2014 / 9:58 PM

    Love the box, the wallpaper idea, and sid-lid! :)

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