Loyalty and fairness – how important are they?

Twins holding hands

If there are two things I’ve been adamant about teaching all of my four children they are loyalty and fairness, these qualities were instilled in me by my parents as crucial to being an upstanding member of society.

I can sit back now and watch Tommy and Meggy safe in the knowledge that certain qualities I have managed to pass over to them. I wasn’t alone, my brothers helped enormously often pointing out to them that blood is thicker than water and whilst they occasionally might have sibling scraps they are still family and no bond stronger.

Whilst I can bask in the glory of teaching Tommy and Megan about loyalty and fairness I am right bang in the middle of repeating the process with the twins. Sharing and being fair is a daily battle as they race to get the ‘best’ seat at the table, pick the ‘best’ item out of the two offered before their sister and begrudgingly had over the iPad when it’s time up for their sister to have her turn.

It’s a hard life isn’t it? But I am sure they will appreciate and learn in time and above all they will learn to love each other and appreciate each other. They’ll look out for one another and make sure that their twin is happy.

It’s a shame such good qualities aren’t held up throughout the whole of society isn’t it? Sometimes it feels like all companies want is my money and they couldn’t give a monkey’s how long I have been them, how loyal I have been. I’m talking about my broadband bundle supplier. I’m referring to my mobile phone contract too. With one I started up two houses ago, can one refer to their life as in the houses they’ve lived in? That’s a total of 10 years with them and two house moves!

With the other I’ve been loyal since the twins were newborns, they slept in the pram between feeds as I filled out all my paperwork and took home my new phone on a shiny new contract. It’s such a shame that my longstanding loyalty isn’t rewarded, in fact I get the feeling they really don’t care about it. It’s all about the quick turnover of money these days.

But then I saw this great video, it’s an experiment and it’s really funny. I am so pleased to see that NatWest are about to change the way businesses treat their loyal customers, spearheading a brand new outlook on what is the correct relationship between businesses and their customers.

At long last customers who stay the long run will be rewarded and how brilliant is that? Finally a corporate who sits up and takes notice of what Joe Bloggs really wants.

Long Live NatWest, take a look and have a laugh …

The message behind this amusing video is NatWest is no longer ignoring their existing customers, they’re putting a STOP on the millions spent on promotions to attract new customers with fancy bells and all-you-can-eat-buffet kind of messages, no more 0% teaser rates dangled in front of their eyes (that actually cost more in the long run *ahem*) and no more hiding all the best online deals so no one can find them.

Isn’t that refreshing? What’s the catch then?

No catch.

Somebody in the boardroom woke up and smelt the coffee thank goodness and now we are entering the era of loyalty and fairness being recognised with the Hello/Goodbye campaign. Keep an eye out for it.

For more information on the campaign take a look at this page on the NatWest website

Disclosure: A post brought to you in collaboration with BritMums and NatWest 


  1. November 1, 2014 / 12:03 AM

    Well this sounds like a great idea. How refreshing to hear of a bank behaving like this.

  2. November 1, 2014 / 11:11 PM

    I must say I enjoyed watching the video, I wish all companies would do the same as Natwest just did! :) x

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