Lite Brix Sunset Island Mall

Lite Brix Sunset Island mall

Construction bricks have been around forever and children all over the world have enjoyed creating, building and playing with their own work.

I was really pleased to see the introduction of Lite Bricks on the toy scene at last year’s Toy Fair and we were recently asked to review the Lite Brix Sunset Island Mall.

Lite Brix Sunset Island Mall

It’s exactly the same as any other well known building game where the bricks of multi sizes fit to one another. The toy comes with the bricks and parts bagged up, but sadly not numbered so we had to open them all at the beginning of the game.

TOP TIP: Empty the bags onto a tray so it’s easy to put away if you have to stop mid-build.

There is an instruction booklet included and although the game states 6+ there was no way my two were going to be able to build this one without our help.

The small bits are fiddly for small hands and fingers and sometimes if the girls pushed down too hard they would break the construction. This meant that dad and I took it in turns to help them, asking them to put the bricks together and build where nothing would break but on the more delicate parts we took over so as to save tears and disappointment.

The game comes with a battery holder and the various lights which flash and change colour all plug into one another in a circuit and work off the battery.

Lite Brix Sunset Island Mall

It is a very good display and makes the game look really exciting.

It took a few hours to complete the building and the girls wanted to stick their own stickers on – which set my OCD off! But I managed to sit back and watch only (crying a little bit inside).

The game comes with a couple of girl figurines and this led to an afternoon play of shopping and visiting the coffee shop, buying clothes and watching the lights.

The game is delicate and on moving if you’re careful parts will break so best an adult takes care of repositioning after the game is over for the day.

I think the girls will go back again and again to play with this toy and they’ve been warned to turn the batteries off when not playing ;)

Verdict 7/10 Other construction games have a sturdier brick and fix together better then the Lite Brix

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