One Direction swapwatch

One Direction Swapwatch


The twins have now moved up to year 2 and although they’re not entirely sure what One Direction is, they’ve heard the name mentioned in the playground for a while now and they know everyone likes One Direction. I’m happy for them to stay just a little bit longer without discovering boy bands and music as I know from experience that once they do discover this brand new world they grow up that tiny bit more and I lose my babies.

However, they have the t shirts and they considered getting the school bag before opting for a Frozen rucksack. I know it won’t be much longer so I was happy to accept the review and sit back and watch them.

Needless to say when the box arrived of the One Direction Swapwatch kit they were eager to discover what it is all about.

This is a fun gift for One Direction fans over the age of 7 who like craft and jewellery too. It’s also good for those young fashionistas who like to chop and change their look.

one direction swapwatch game

The One Direction swapwatch kit comes with one watch face showing the faces of the famous boy band One Direction. Then there are 5 multicoloured watch straps, 5 different coloured surrounds, 3 coloured cords, 1 elasticated cord, 9 square beads, 13 tube beads, 26 round beads and 8 connector pieces. Basically an infinity of options to keep your happy 1D fan amused for hours.

The basic watch strap has the watch face, a surround and a strap but with the beads and cord or elasticated cord you can make gorgeous beaded versions. You will see a version with no watch face in the photo above as they are going to share the watch and make pretty bracelets with what’s leftover.

If it keeps them happy, that’s fine by me.

Suitable for ages 7 and above.

RRP £14.99

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