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Bop-It Beats

Every home in the land should have a Bop-It! surely it’s the family game you drag out at family parties and pass around sniggering at he or she that can’t get past four moves. Well now there is Bop-It! Beats, the new addition to the Bop-It! family, we were sent one to review and I thought the girls wouldn’t get it.

I imagined they’d get bored of it quickly … oh how wrong I was.

We took it camping with us the first time to try it out as dad lit the barbecue, yes he was at it again and I was pleasantly surprised to see the girls arguing over whose turn it was. As I sipped my Lindeman’s Chardonnay in complete bliss I stipulated the ground rules, once you made a mistake you had to pass on the Bop-It! Beats to your sister.

Bop-It Beats

To start with they could only get four or five ‘bops’ right but as the evening went on and more Chardonnay was poured they got better and better in fact Alice reached 39 Bops and Bessie was close behind her.

Bop-It! Beats

Plays popular songs including ‘Pound the alarm’ by Nicki Minaj and ‘Levels’ by Aviici but one of the amusing factors of Bop-It! Beats for me was the voice telling you what to do.

The four actions are Spin It! Scratch It! Flip It! Bop It! There are two discs on each side similar to vinyl records which you spin and scratch. When he tells you to Bop It! you whack the Bop It button on the side and when you hear Flip It! you turn the game over to the other side and continue following the instructions.


Bop-It Beats

It’s when you get it wrong that the voice starts taking the mick …

‘Have you got two left hands?’

‘Let’s forget that happened.’


Ahhh – first time spinning?

This guy really adds a touch of humour to the game and we really enjoyed playing with it. It’s makes a great campfire game to pass around. If you are impressed with dad’s fire making skillz check out our Certainly wood review for more information- their natural firelighters make it so easy. bop it beats in box Disclosure: We were sent a Bop-It! Beats for the purpose of this review. Made by Hasbro RRP £21.99

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  1. August 18, 2014 / 1:43 PM

    Ohh I haven’t seen this new Bop it game….My girls love the older one’s…..I’m useless at them….lol

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