Top Ten of Everything 2015 #bookreview

top ten of everything

As a child I loved anything in a Top Ten and  in fact Top Ten lists still do fascinate me. We were recently sent a book to review by Paul Terry – The Top Ten of Everything 2015.

This is a Top Ten lover’s dream book as it covers just about everything you can think of and so much more! From jaw dropping facts about everything from machines to animals and to sport and space.

There’s a Top Ten on the world’s most infamous prison breakouts. Another on deadly pirates. there’s another on epic structures including stomach churning rollercoasters and futuristic buildings. There’s even a movie section that I spotted dad dip into a few times whilst the book was laying around.

top ten of everything

But we decided to put the book to a real test. We asked George our nephew to cast his discerning eye over it and he liked it. He liked it so much that we gave the book to him as he’d only looked partly through it and there is so much information to discover in there.

I asked him the vital question before he left with the book tucked under his arm.

‘I need to know George if you give the book the thumbs up or not?’

He nodded a big yes which was good enough for me and therefore if George likes it then it has the Mari’s World thumbs up .

This mega edition is the perfect reference book for all young discovers who want to learn more about the world we live in and in fact the universe.

It’s published by Hamlyn and the RRP is £14.99.

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of the book for the purpose of this review.

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