and then you were 6

Birthday celebrations in the house!

newborn twins

6 years ago today I was holding two little people, one hooked in each arm and I was marvelling at the fact, unable to leave my bed after my Cesarian operation. Amazed that I had made TWO people and they had arrived safely in the world.

Our two little people have grown a lot and we’ve had lots of fun together. This past year seems to have flown by and you girls have changed too.

twins stars goals

You have transformed from babies into girls and this time last year you each wrote one goal you wanted to reach over time, Alice wished she could swim without armbands and she has accomplished that. Both girls will be moving up to Stage 3 level 3 in September. Well done Alice!

Bessie wished she could ride her bike without stabilisers and she did! First there was a lot of practising in the back garden on the old bikes which were too small and then we bought new bikes this weekend for your 6th birthday and presto! You were off. I can’t wait for all the opportuniites this will open up for us.

Look I caught it on my phone…

Seeing as you were doing so well we decided to go to the old runway where there was a bigger stretch to ride and look how much fun you were having. If your cheeks look very red that’s because you both insisted on wearing make up from your new make up kits.


School – Year One

This year you have been Koalas in Year One with Mrs Jackson and Mrs Goldberg. You both have done extremely well, your reading and writing is amazing, now you are quite happy to read on your own but you still like listening to stories. Some of the favourites we have read together this year have been The Faraway Tree and The Twelve Dancing Princesses.


We’ve been out and about too. We went to Honfleur last summer which you both adored. We also popped over to Guernsey whilst we were there and had the most amazing time.

family portrait Honfleur

We went to see The Gruffalo Trail and Southend Pier.

southend pier

We visited LEGOLAND  and Ascot and Stonehenge too.

stonehenge family audio guide

We went to Cornwall in the winter and we had a fabulous time, Alice lost her first tooth.

We went to Butlins and you thought Misty was very naughty but loved her all the same. Bessie lost her first tooth there.

We spent lots of lovely weekends in our caravan, we even went to Woolacombe in the Spring and spent lots of lovely days with your cousins


Butlins Misty skyline gang

Dressing up

Still a favourite passion for both of you and you spend lots of time in your princess dresses or your bridesmaid dresses from last year. You dressed up as Little Bo Peep and ‘Ride A Cock Horse for Nursery Rhyme Day. We made fabulous Easter bonnets this year full of large colourful flowers.

easter bonnets

We also dressed up as pirates for Pirate’s Day which was a lot of fun and your first school trip was to Chatham Dockyard for a special Pirates Day and you loved it although you were both very tired in the evening.

Pirates day

After school activities

We started the year with swimming, dancing, gymnastics and drama but soon decided it was too much so we dropped gymnastics as it was the most expensive one with payments due every six weeks. However you got Stage 2 before you left with a medal and a certificate.

Swimming saw you move up to Stage 3 and accomplish two levels. You can swim without armbands and are happy jumping and diving into the pool.

You sang Frozen ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ for your Drama Christmas show and we thought you were brilliant on stage.

You love all of these activities and we’ll see in September which ones you want to continue with.

Frozen has been a massive influence on you, I hear you singing at the top of your voice in the back garden after school and playing ‘shows’ upstairs in your bedroom. So you will be very happily surprised to see I’ve managed to get quite a few Frozen bits for your birthday.

It’s a pleasure being your mum, you are really good girls and we have lots of fun together. It’s easy looking after you and luckily for me you still like holding my hand and having lots of cuddles, I am making the most of this whilst they still last. I’m looking forward to spending another fun packed year with you both, who knows what we’ll get up to this time?

Birthday presents for 6 year old girls

This is what you asked for this year….

Frozen dresses and shoes

LEGO Cinderella castle

New Bikes

Flutterbye Fairy

Craft kits

Anything Frozen


Happy birthday my lovely little ladies, I love you with all my heart

Mummy xxx



  1. July 18, 2014 / 1:49 PM

    A beautiful post Mari with the love shining out. All the pictures are gorgeous but that first one is so very adorable. I love how you have described the highlights on your year as a family. I hope you do this every year and for lots of years too.

  2. Alessandra Smith
    July 22, 2014 / 4:32 PM

    Cannot believe they are 6 already. What a journey of love xx

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