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The big question for lots of parents who have decided to give up work and stay home to look after the children is, ‘How to make some extra money?’ To round off the family income, to use for days out and special treats and to allow the odd meal out and even weekend away.

There are lots of different ways and the top idea is using a skill you already have. Were you an accountant? Set up a freelance accountancy service. Can you bake? How about birthday cakes, cupcakes and biscuits?

Many of us have attics stuffed to the brim with ‘junk’, have you thought of selling the articles you won’t be using anymore?

A car boot sale can be an excellent excuse to clear out the garage or loft PLUS the kids toy box which is always overflowing.

Are you handy on a computer and know your way around a hard drive? There are so many people out there who have to look for someone to repair their machine when something goes wrong, you could come in very handy.

Dog walking, gardening, babysitting are all excellent services that lots of families are always on the lookout for.

House cleaning and ironing are handy services for tired commuters who don’t want to face those jobs after a long day’s work.

Are you good with a sewing machine? How about alterations or making curtains even clothes if your skills are good enough.

Personal tutoring is always in demand throughout the year for children who may need a little extra coaching or music lessons for guitar or piano.

I put the question’How to make money online?’ to some friends of mine in the blogging community to see what ideas they had

Becky Goddard Hill, author of Family Budgeting blog, an excellent resource suggests starting a blog – ‘Blogging is an excellent way to make money online, it is also possible to receive useful items to review saving you money. It takes a while to build it but advertisers and sponsors will come if your content is good.’

Helen Neale author of KiddyCharts and Stars, Stickers and Smiles who left the day job and set up her successful blogs and business advises ‘Steer clear of anything that promises that you can get rich quick – if it’s too good to be true it probably is! There is money to be made through online activity, from managing someone’s social media through to blogging, but it takes talent, time and hard graft.’

Liz Burton author of Me and My Shadow suggests, ‘Selling on your local for sale Facebook page – no fees unlike eBay. Have a clear out and make some cash!’

Carolin Mader from Mummy Alarm says, ‘You won’t earn big amounts, but completing surveys can be a great way to get some extra pennies and vouchers and if you save them throughout the year, you can use them for your Christmas shops.’

Penny Alexander who writes A Residence doesn’t have one tip but a whole post of tips which are really inspiring.

And Cass Bailey who writes Frugal Family says, ‘I’d say there’s lots of ways to make money online but they’re not going to make you rich quick. Sites like Dooyoo and Swagbucks as well as registering to do surveys will earn you money although it can seem like a lot of work for a slow return. Selling on eBay is great if you’re de-cluttering and cashback sites like Quidco are excellent! Steer away from any site that promises massive earnings or asks for an initial investment from you!’

Or of course you could try something completely knew, like Knowledge to Action who provide specialist training education to help people make money on the side and learn to trade the Florex market.  Interested? Check out their site and their Facebook page for more information

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  1. June 30, 2014 / 8:58 AM

    So many great tips and I think it’s important that Becky and Helen have highlighted that blogging isn’t a quick way to make cash. So many people think “Oh, I’ll start a blog and start cashing in”, because they don’t see all the hours professional bloggers put in to grow their blog and create content, but it really isn’t quick money. It’s great fun and you are part of an amazing community, but it is also hard work and time consuming.

    PS: Thanks for including me :)

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