Ticktock books: The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott

The wonderful World of Simon Abbott is a new series by Ticktock books; a witty series for readers aged 5 – 7 giving informative guides to their favourite topics. They are beautifully illustrated in a way that captures children’s imaginations AND their attention as they are packed with funny facts.

Pirates Ahoy!

pirates ahoy

This was the first book we read as the girls are studying Pirates in Term 6 and we were really captivated. It’s not a story but each page is filled with quirky drawings and fun facts on how they dress, the flags they use, a peek inside a captain’s quarters. You even find out what they loved to eat and how they spent their free time – cleaning the ship and playing/dancing to music.

This is one of those books that children will pick up and flick through when the fancy takes them. It’s an excellent resource to have in your library for the facts contained, for example

DID YOU KNOW? Some pirates were actually top sailors allowed by a king or queen to go and rob their enemies. They were known as ‘privateers’!

Definitely a book that appeals to both boys and girls, my two loved pouring over the facts written all over the page and there was so much laughter at the funny ones.

We have a ‘Dress up as Pirates Day’ on Friday and this book has sure helped us get some ideas – all home made for us just like true pirates

‘A- ha me hearties’

The Land of the Dinosaurs

land of dinosaurs

I really love this one, it has me grinning all the way through, did you know T. rex’s teeth were as big as bananas? That’s one very clever way of getting the children to remember and imagine just how big Dinosaurs were.

Again this is a book to refer back to time and time again without ever getting bored. I love the way Simon Abbott has drawn the dinosaurs and given them speech bubbles, it makes the dinosaurs so much easier to understand and warm to.

land of dinosaurs simon abbott

If I’m honest the girls haven’t had anything to do with dinosaurs in their life whereas my son LOVED them as a preschooler. I am sure they will study dinos next year so this book will be an fabulous reference book for them to refer to and a fun one too!

DID YOU KNOW? The smallest dino would have fit in the palm of your hand, while the most gigantic dino was taller than a six story building!

simon abbott

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of each book mentioned for the purpose of this review and yep, Id thoroughly recommend them.

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  1. June 19, 2014 / 1:26 PM

    I love children’s books that draw children back time and again. You Choose is like that in our house – the kids never tire of making up their versions of the ideal life using the drawings in there.

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