Walking Woolacombe beach – 3 miles

woolacombe beach

As I spend so much of my time cooped up indoors at home sitting in front of a screen, there’s nothing I appreciate more than a good walk to stretch my legs and Woolacombe beach offers the perfect setting.

The photo above is taken from the road and gives an excellent idea of the 3 mile long beach.

woolacombe beach food vans

Fortunately, with the girls growing up and being able to amuse themselves with buckets and spades for hours on end I can now snatch back half an hour to myself and during our last break to Devon I did precisely that.

woolacombe beach huts


I left the family playing on the beach, picked up my camera Canon SX500 IS and set off on my mission of walking Woolacombe.

woolacombe beach huts

Apart from wanting to get some good shots of the beach and stretch my legs, I find walking an excellent time for thinking and clearing out all the junk that’s often hurtling around my brain and it allows me to connect with nature which is so important.

Watch the beach huts get smaller as I keep up my bare footed pace across the sands of Woolacombe.

Atlantic sea woolacombe

The tide goes out a long way leaving a hard flat beach to walk.

feet in sea


Woolacombe is known for it’s dramatic landscape carved out from the Atlantic waves. In fact the waves are excellent for belly boarding and surfing as any local will tell you. Don’t be fooled by the photo, that sea was freezing and wetsuits were the way forward if you wanted to enter.

woolacombe beach look back

The further you walk to ‘the other end’ the less people you meet, the occasional dog walker as dogs are only allowed on this side of the stream which splits the beach in two – see the food vans above to see the stream.

woolacombe walker on beach

I was overtaken by a walker dressed suitably for the occasion, unlike me barefooted and fancy free. My toes ached for a while after all that scratchy sand but I’m sure it was a perfect pedicure.

woolacombe beach


That is Baggy Point in the distance, meta for walkers as there are many beautiful walks in the area for exploring the coastline. I didn’t make it that far though.


Looking back I was amazed at the difference in the view, whereas before the beach had been packed and busy now there was a mile of sand stretching out in front of me.

woolcombe sand dune

I was amused to see people walking/sliding down the steep sand dunes with as much their beach kit as they could carry to save another walk to the top.

woolacombe beach

I didn’t make it all the way to the end but this was my start back point when I realised I’d been gone for a while and husband would be itching to get in the surf with his brothers.

I loved this little snatch of me time, I hope it worked off a few calories. I know for sure I was exhausted that night and left husband sitting listening to music as I curled up under my covers and fell into a deep contented sleep. I will definitely do this again.


  1. June 13, 2014 / 2:10 PM

    Nothing like a bit of me time & walking on the beach with the camera rounds like my idea of heaven. Great pictures and looking forward to seeing you at Brit Mums x

  2. June 13, 2014 / 4:27 PM

    Gorgeous pics and sounds like a really lovely walk – love the freedom of just getting up and going and feeling the sand under your feet (not often something you can do in the UK!). We went to Wollacombe about 11 years ago – we should really go again. Your visit has reminded me of how much we enjoyed it then with a toddling Jessica!

  3. June 15, 2014 / 2:35 PM

    I know that beach! It is really close to my father in law’s and hubby took me there on a motorbike ride when we were first dating. Happy memories! Mel #MBPW

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