Did you ever play that game in the playground in the olden days with a ball in a pair of tights, you’d stand against a wall and bang the ball from side to side whilst you sang a song, you’d lift a leg to the side and bang the ball in the middle and so on. Excellent fun. I spent hours playing this game.

Another playground favourite was the French Skipping, a very long piece of elastic was tied and two girls would stand inside with the elastic around their ankles, feet shoulder width apart, this lifted the elastic off the ground and stretched it so other girls would take turns jumping in and out of the elastic expertly crossing one side over the other and making all sorts of skips up as they sang along. Brilliant game.

Ot the hoop of wool or string held around the two hands a game called The Cat’s Cradle, hours and hours of fun we had playing this game but like all things in this world games have changed and TWISTER the famous floor game have come up with a great idea called TWISTER Rave SKIP-IT.

twister rave skip it

It’s aimed at children aged 7 – 12 but I loved the look of it and hoped that maybe the girls would get the hang of it so we could all play together.

Basically you have a hoop that goes around one ankle and then you swing it and hop over it each time it passes.

Now that may sound easy but it’s not, the first time I tried indoors I got all tangled up and couldn’t get the hang of it, perseverance is the name of the game and with a continued trial each day you’ll get you there. No I’m still not there yet either!

The cool bit about theTWISTER Rave SKIP-IT is it glows. There are four colours and as you skip they start to light up, once you get all four colours to light up you’ve made it – no I haven’t yet, I need to practise more.

The colours have 20 light patterns to work through but if you stop the Skip It resets.

Fun, a brilliant work out and a bit tricky for younger girls to get the hang of but I’m hoping this is going to become a top favourite over the summertime. In my opinion older girls than my 6 year old twins would get a lot of fun out of this game.



  1. May 15, 2014 / 10:56 AM

    Ohhh I remember playing that with a ball in a pair of tights….I tripped and broke my arm….lol I was a clumsy child!
    That Twister game does sound like fun x

    • May 21, 2014 / 5:22 PM

      It’s tricky one to get the hang of in all honesty, I kept whacking my ankles and getting bruises, more practise is needed for sure

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