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innocent kids

We were contacted by the lovely people at innocent to see if we would be interested in learning a few Innocent magic tricks, well as you can imagine we said yes, we’d love to!

magic box

A Big Black Box arrived and inside we found all manner of things including a top hat and a magic wand – bring on the party! Look I just waved my wand and now I’m at the seaside with some Innocent drinks to refresh me. Jokes aside we were really impressed with the new Tropical flavour, it disappeared before our very eyes (get it?)

innocent magic

There’s a whole book of tricks to get our heads around and the one we’ve been sent to master is the Metal Merging innocent for kids magic trick.

All you need is

  • two paperclips
  • paper money – or ask your audience for a note like the magicians on TV do

Here’s how to do this trick

  1. Show the audience your paper note, better still take it out of dad’s pocket. Tell them you’re going to connect two paperclips using only this note.
  2. Fold 1/3 of the note in front, like this. Slide one of the paperclips on to hold that bit in place.
  3. Starting at the other end of the note, fold 1/3 of the note back.
  4. Now use the second paperclip to fix the middle fold of the note with the back fold. Make sure it’s to the left of the first one, like in the picture and don’t fix the front flap this time.
  5. Hold the top corners of the note and pull slowly apart, finishing with a tug. The paperclips will link together. Magic

You might need to practise a few times but once you’ve learnt this trick you can do it all the time at parties and with your friends. In fact take a look at this video to see how it’s done by a true magician, we’re still learning too.

If you’re becoming a really keen magician then I suggest you keep an eye out for innocent Magic drinks as on the back of each juice you’ll find a new trick to learn or alternatively look on the innocent kids page

Happy magic times

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